School needs replacement mats

Photo courtesy of Griffin Morehead
Photo courtesy of Griffin Morehead

The track coaches left the pole vault mats under the main bleachers all summer, where they were exposed to the sun, rain and trash underneath the bleachers.

This has left the mats in terrible condition, and they must be replaced for there to be pole vault.

Athletic Director Jack Rogers, in response to the question of whether the mats will be replaced, said in an email, “When a new track coach is hired.”  Rogers also said in that same email that the cost will be “about $15,000.00” and the money will come “from the athletic department.” Rogers is still deciding what company he will use, and the mats estimated time of arrival will depend on the company.

In order to replace the mats, the athletic department would have to channel money away from other interests.  Things are looking up for Leesville’s few but proud pole vaulters.


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