Philosophy club hopes to make Leesville think

For the 2011-12 school year, LRHS is introducing the Philosophy Club under the direction of Ms. Scioli.

“The idea [for a philosophy club] has been floating around out there for a while now, and a series of fortuitous synchronicities brought it to fruition,” said Scioli about why the club had not been founded before this year.

Even still, the club would not have been founded had a former Leesville student, Shahzeel Sarfraz, not contacted Scioli with his idea. “[Sarfraz] will actually be a leader of this club,” Scioli explained. “I hope to function as more of a member of the club, learning along with other students, while Shahzeel leads discussions.”

Scioli has had an interest in philosophy since she took a paideia class in her senior year of high school, a unit of which was an “introduction to philosophy.” After graduating and starting college classes, she was grateful for the knowledge she acquired in high school. Her brief knowledge on the subject kept her up to speed while her other college classmates were confused.

“The main thrust of the club is going to be true, intellectual inquiry,” said Scioli. “As far as topics of discussion go, we’re really open to what the members [of the club] want.”

The inaugural meeting will discuss the philosophical justification for ownership, specifically, land. Club members will be given a reading to study and prepare thoughts about for the next meeting.

The first meeting of the philosophy club will be held after school on September 8 at 2:30 in room 119.



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