New school policy videos a success

On Friday, Aug. 26 and Monday, Aug. 29, Executive Council showed videos during Pride Period to inform faculty and students about all school policies.

“Yes, they were meant to be funny, but they were still meant to be informative,” said Kordell Draper, one of the actors in the videos.

In previous years, administration produced the videos, but this year, the asked Executive Council to produce the videos. Mr. Duvall, assistant principal, said, “We had asked them to do it because it would be easier for students to relate to their peers than to the administrators talking.”

When asked if any specific policies were intentionally highlighted, Duvall said,  “Yes, the new electronics policy, the new lunch-pass policy, the dress code and other major rules like that are specifically important.”

Draper also specifically mentioned how the new videos were an improvement. “The administrations were boring, so we made them more interesting.”

Todd Clark, sophomore, said, “The new videos were more entertaining because they were funnier because the actors put in a lot of effort to try and make it amusing. You can see that they wanted you to enjoy them.”

The videos seemingly made the administration happy as well. When asked for his opinion on the new videos, Duvall said, “I think it gives a good spin for students through their own peers. They did a good job.”


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