Keeping the pet peaceful and protected

Animals have always been important friends to the students at LRHS. The technology that helps us keep them safe and happy is a vital part of our pets’ lives and should be used by every pet owner to ensure safety.

For almost four years, I have owned two adorable little cats. Before my family and I got these brothers, they lived outdoors. My family took several precautions to ensure that our cats grew up to be secure yet still cheerful.

The first thing that every owner should do when taking in an animal is to introduce them to a veterinarian. Doctors give pet owners the option to insert a microchip into the neck of an animal.

Microchip I.D. Systems produce these chips to replace the standard name and collar. Whenever a pet goes missing, the person who finds him can take him to a nearby veterinarian office. The veterinarian will scan the microchip and contact the owner immediately.

Microchips, like collars, are only a lifeline when a pet goes missing. There is never a guarantee an animal will be found or taken to the veterinarian. In order to ensure a pet stays within reach, a fence would be quite handy to have.

Owners who do not have the time or resources to build a fence can take a different path. For this reason,  the Invisible Fence Company pioneered “invisible fences.”

Invisible fences administer a shock to dogs whenever they cross a certain boundary. The owner will usually determine the boundary lines and have a professional install a special wiring into the ground.

The shock that an animal receives is mild enough to condition it but will not be enough to harm the pet.

Even though safety is key in a pet’s happiness, there are recent innovations in the pet entertainment industry that are worth looking at.

The KONG company has been producing toys for quite awhile. They were one of the first companies to incorporate food into their rubber toys.
The best solution to a pet’s boredom would be the purchase of a KONG plush animal. These toys act as little buddies for a pet when the owner might be gone. These animals are specially made to endure bites and scratches. They also squeak and can hold food or catnip to keep the pet addicted to it.

Other companies are in the mix of producing robotic friends for animals. Prototypes such as  Pleo, Paro and Aibo are available on the market but can be expensive because they are artificially intelligent.

Whether it be a parakeet or a Tasmanian devil, every pet should have a fun and long life with their owner. The relationship between an owner and their pet can only be enhanced with the use of technology.


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