Senior day offers breakfast and marks college decisions

Before school on Wednesday, May 11, seniors gathered near the front stairs of the parking lot to enjoy breakfast, show off their seniority and display their university’s gear. 

All seniors were invited via Facebook event page to meet in the parking lot at 6:30a.m.

“Senior Days” on the eleventh day of every month were a semi-consistent effort to bring the class of 2011 together in the mornings.  Past Senior Days included “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” and “Blackout Day.”

Grant Do, senior, was the organizer and mastermind behind the idea.

“I wanted to organize something special for all the seniors, so we would be able to bond one last time before graduation and going our separate ways,” said Do.

“I came early to the parking lot and set up the breakfast,” said Do. “We had music playing, Dunkin Donuts, and orange juice to share.”

“Grant asked me if I would be interested in helping him organize it, since I park right across the row from him,” said Allison Werk, senior.  “We basically wanted to set up tailgating before school, with tables and a cooler of drinks.”

By 7:05a.m., a crowd surrounded Do’s and Werk’s cars and posed for group photos.  Groups of UNCW, ECU, NC State, UNC Chapel Hill and “Misfits” (the affectionate term for the minorities attending schools like Colorado, Wake Forest and Randolph Macon) gathered for pictures with their similarly-dressed and school-spirited classmates.

This penultimate Senior Day marked one month until the final Senior Day: graduation, on June 11.


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