KC Clarke excited about life

KC Clark, senior, is thrilled about life. In fact, the notoriously bubbly senior has created an organization dedicated to positivity.

Excited about Life (EAL) was created by Clark after posting his positivity on Twitter.

“People were always asking me why I kept posting about ‘loving life’ and ‘being excited about life,’ and I just thought ‘why can’t everybody feel that way?’”

Clark decided to spread his positive energy after paying attention to the news.

“The news harbors negative energy. There were just a lot of bad things happening all over the place like genocide in Egypt, the nuclear drama in Japan and all the negative press surrounding our school,” said Clark.

“I just figured it was about time we started recognizing the good things that happen in the world and in our lives.”

Clark uses his EAL Facebook group as an open forum for what he calls “spreading the love.” In the group, members post good news and share positive insight when fellow members need to address a problem.

“KC told my chorus class about his movement, and it’s really exciting,” said Anna Buico, freshman.

EAL, for Clark, is not just an organization but a “movement” and a “lifestyle.”

“I want this to be a worldwide movement, teaching everyone to look ahead,” he said.

For Clark, his positive lifestyle keeps him grounded. “My home life isn’t as positive as I make things seem at school, but staying positive makes life so much richer.”

“He’s just really inspiring, and I think it’s going to change people’s perspectives on living their lives,” said Buico.

The EAL Facebook group is growing rapidly, which is a good sign for Clark.

“I want to touch people. I want to give them an idea to think about,” he said.



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