AP Spanish holds student-made movie premiere

Tuesday, May 31, AP Spanish Language students and Señor Craig Ross will hold a student-made movie production. It will start at 7:00 p.m. and admission is free. All are invited to come. 

Ross’s two AP classes were given a project to make a 3-10 minute movie, entirely in Spanish, in groups of 2-6 students. The movie could be about anything students wanted, but they had to pitch their initial idea and show their teacher a story board.

“The goal of the project was to keep the kids interested after they have taken their AP exam and to give them a meaningful, real word project. It will help them prepare for Spanish 3 in college and showcase their language skills,” said Ross.

He explained that the assignment was originally going to only be show in class, but after receiving such interest from other teachers, Ross decided to open the premier to everyone. This is the first time he has implicated this assignment and hopes to continue it with future classes.

Students have been given Flipcams and other school technology to put their films together. During class time, they have been filming and splicing clips together.

Kaitlin Murray, senior, has been making her Western-styled movie, “Quiero Taco Bell,” for the past week with four other group members. Their idea came from watching old Western movies in the Cultural Media Literacy class. “I love the freedom we have to make it and getting to go out during class,” she said.

Another student, Jordan Arata, senior, is basing his film on Youtube video called, “Epic Meal Time.” Arata and his partner, Chris Pollenz, plan to create a food sculpture in the form of Dora the Explorer and later consume it. “Chris and I are both swimmers, so we love to eat!”

Both students are planning for friends and parents to attend the premier show.

Upon opening the auditorium, the AP Spanish students and Señor Ross will be taking donations that will go toward prizes in varying categories for the students’ movies. Excess money will be given to a charity, voted on by the students.

One of the candidate charities is LINK, a foundation dedicated to helping North Korean refugees resettle in the United States and South Korea. LINK provides “educational and financial assistance and case management services.”

Family, friends and other students taking Spanish are encouraged to come, enjoy and support the premier of AP Spanish’s student-made films. These juniors and seniors have worked hard the past couple of weeks and are very excited to share their work with all of those who will enjoy it.


  1. This sounds like an exciting project to be a part of! Good luck to all the participants, I’m sure it will be a fantastic show!


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