Canadian candy – surprisingly not weird


My dad’s job required us to move from Canada, but his job also takes him back to Canada routinely. Upon these visits, he stocks up on the Canadian delicacies that cannot be attained in American. This column entry will focus on all the Canadian candy that I love, but I can not get down here.

1. Smarties. These scrumptious chocolate morsels are extremely similar to M&Ms, but the sugar coating is significantly thicker. This thicker sugar shell is aimed to encourage sucking on these sweets, instead of crunching right on in like the similar American version, the M&M. These bonbons come in a signature colorful box that increases the pleasure of eating, with Smarties of all colors that seem to dance their way across the box chanting the catchy jingle, “When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last? Do you suck them very slowly, or crunch them very fast? Eat those candy-coated chocolates, but tell me when I ask, when you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last?” Sing this song in front of any Canadian, and they are sure to merrily join in.

2. Eat-More-Bars. These caramel, fudge, toffee nut bars are easily recognizable in their yellow package. Take a quick nibble from the decadent, rich, gooey goodness and you will never forget it. Your taste buds will be flooded with a delicious chocolate nut flavor that is sure to leave you craving more: Hence the name. Eat-More-Bars are a satisfying alternative to the typical chocolate bar; they fix that sweet tooth craving without a simply giving a straight shot of chocolate.

3. Coffee-crisp. Imagine, a Kit-Kat bar, but thicker. More crunchy, light wafers between layers of creamy milk chocolate all coated in a thick layer of chocolate. Now imagine biting into this sweet treat and receiving the shocking flavor of coffee, something like a cappucino or a mocha drink when accompanied beautifully with the milk chocolate. Split this bar in two and you will hear the rich crackle of multiple layers snapping in two. This noise only adds to the anticipation of when the chocolatey coffee duo reaches your lips, you can  both enjoy the wonderful sensation as the wafers and milk chocolate simply melt away in your mouth.

4. Mackintosh’s Toffee. This caramel toffee bar comes in a red box accompanied with green and yellow plaid to encourage this grandpa type candy to consumers, but trust me, this is not just candy for your grandpa. Before diving in to the toffee goodness, slam the bar on a table or counter to break the toffee into bite size pieces. Then open the box, pull out the plastic bag, peel off the plastic wrapping and munch right on in. Pick up an appropriately sized piece and place it directly into your mouth, sucking on the piece until it grows soft and chewable. This is when the magic starts: The sweet, caramel flavor invades your mouth coating your teeth and tongue with an unforgettable toffee flavor that you are sure to never forget.

Even though our family had to move away from Canada, nothing beats a sweet momento reminiscent of my home up north.



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