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An online method of class registration is being employed for LRHS students signing up for classes next year.

The administration of Leesville Road High School decided to make the switch in January of 2011, in preparation for the 2011-2012 school year.

“This decision was made because we are under-staffed and do not have the available personnel to enter in 2,400 student’s course selections,” commented Angela Tucker, counselor, via email.

This observation was apparent the last few years of class registrations, in which students were sent to the media center to sign up for classes, handed a stack of papers and told to pick eight classes and three alternates, and make it snappy.

“Last years registration was complicated and disorderly; I think this year’s will be easier because we get more time to think about it by ourselves,” said Alex Woods, junior.

The switch is also adding LRHS to the bandwagon of all the other Wake County High Schools.

“In addition, the online registration has been this way for all other high schools in Wake County for years–so we are finally making the transition over to the new way,” added Tucker.

Tucker has two main concerns for the new method.

“Our main concern is that all course selections have to be entered through SPAN–so every student will be required to know their username and password before they can enter anything online. If a student is having difficulty with their SPAN account, they need to contact Technical Support soon so that they will be prepared when the registration window opens for their particular grade level,” said Tucker.

The second concern is aimed more towards the juniors preparing for their senior year.

“We want to make students sign up for the courses/classes that match what has been discussed in their meetings with their counselor. All Counselors are reviewing transcripts and making recommendations for courses (for next year) based on what the individual students still has left to complete for graduation,” concluded Tucker.

Most importantly, however, it is important to remember to actually do the registration. Forgetting would be a pain for not just the student, but also for his or her counselor.

Juniors may begin entering course selections on March 7, sophomores may begin entering course selections on March 21 and freshmen may being entering course selections on March 25.

A step by step process of the online registration can be found on the school’s website,


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