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Grayson Murray, junior at Leesville, is known outside of North Carolina for his golfing skills. Recently, he was featured in the News & Observer for an article about high school athletes to watch.

In the spring of his sophomore year, Murray committed to Wake Forest University. “I committed [so early in my high school career] because I’d wanted to go [to Wake Forest] for a long time; they have great golf programs and coaches.”

This past May, he qualified for the Rex Hospital Open, a national tournament that Murray described as “just below the pro level.”

“[The News and Observer] Approached me because I was the second youngest ever [to qualify] for the Rex Hospital Open,” said Murray, who also won the individual N.C. High School Athletic Association 4-A golf championship at age 16 in May 2010.

Also in the 2010 season, Leesville took second place in the team round to Green Hope High School.

During that time, Murray was the top golfer in the nation for his age and in the top 15 junior golfers in the U.S.

Even more impressively, Murray placed fifth at the Callaway Junior World Golf Championship after having earned three consecutive titles in the same tournament, where he had earned a reputation as a prodigy in the junior golfing community.

Coincidentally, Tiger Woods won first place in the Callaway tournament four consecutive times at age 15 — the youngest ever to claim the title — prompting the question, is Murray the next big golf icon?

Murray’s hopes for this golf season at LRHS are simple: To support his team to victory. “I don’t care so much about the individual [tournaments], but Leesville was so close to winning first place last year, I really want to get there [this year].”

By Virginia Reed, Online Editor

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