Winterfest dresses: Cheaper is better?


Most underclassmen females go all out for Winterfest–this is their only chance to deck out in long, uber formal dresses and get their hair done. However, a common theme I have noticed is an utter lack of commitment on the part of the upperclassmen, juniors especially.

It is a tentatively accepted rule at Leesville that underclassmen wear long dresses and upperclassmen don the shorter, more Homecoming-esque dresses. Yet a recurring idea amongst the juniors is to find the best deal possible, while still remaining appropriately formal.

“I bought my dress from Forever 21 for $30,” said Cami Burns, junior.

Abby Leitner and Carrie Sutherland both plan to do something equally frugal.

“I plan on borrowing one,” admitted Sutherland, and Leitner added, “Yeah, I’m definitely going cheaper.”

The reason? Prom. As this is the first chance for most to attend this dance,  juniors intend to go all out, and want to save their (or their parents’) money.

“I figured that between Winterfest and Prom, Prom seemed like more fun. It’s a bigger deal than Winterfest, so I opted for a bargain on my dress,” continued Burns.

Sydney Sheldon, also a junior, disagrees.

“I always like to look my best, and I make sure my dress matches me. It’s an opportunity to dress up, so I always go all out,” she explained.

From the guys perspective, it’s not about the price.

“I don’t care how much a girl pays for her dress, as long as she looks good, I’m happy,” said Alec Seigle, senior.

As for finding a dress, department stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and Belk always have good deals, but if one wants to go the more original route, shopping centers like North Hills and Cameron Village have neat little boutiques with a wide variety of choices.

Whatever the cost of the dress, the Leesville student body always looks their best. The upcoming Winterfest dance should not be an exception.


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