Senior exemptions unfair

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After every semester, the debate resurfaces about senior exemptions.  Although the Wake County Public School System requires that high schools exempt seniors under certain conditions, many people argue that the exemption policy should be removed from the curriculum.

At Leesville Road High School, seniors are exempt from final examinations if they maintain high grades and attendance.  Students with a C-grade are allowed one excused absence, a “B” and two excused absences or an “A” and three excused absences.  Any student with an unexcused absence are not exempt from exams.

The purpose of senior exemptions is to provide incentive for the graduating seniors to maintain their study habits and infection from senioritis.  Students meeting the necessary criteria are given the privilege to skip exams.

Also, final exams, in most cases, have little effect on students’ grades, so there would be little reason for a senior to take them.  Although a terrible final exam grade would bring down a student’s grade, performing well would do little to raise an already high grade.

However, the notion that exemptions exist can be detrimental, especially to students’ health.  Many seniors who would normally take an absence for sickness decide to forcefully attend school and spread diseases to fellow peers.  Also, students decide to bypass any medical appointments and other important events because of the glory offered by senior exemptions.

But most important is that senior exemptions are unfair.  Even though some courses are composed of students from all classes, the fact that only seniors can be exempt is ludicrous.  Seniors’ grades should be affected by the final exams just the same as those of freshmen, sophomores and juniors.


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