JV women’s basketball still going strong


The JV women’s basketball team narrowly defeated Millbrook 56-54 on Wednesday, January 5. With the “W”, the Pride advances to 11-0 so far this season.

Coach Ross, who has been with the team since 1996, feels that the girls are having a great season. “We are off to a fantastic start,” said Ross. “The girls are working hard to improve individually and as a team and so far we are playing really well together right now.”

Rachel Radulovich, sophomore, also thinks the Pride is going strong. “We’re undefeated so far and still have conference play to go,” said Radulovich. “We’re doing really well.”

L’Zhae Finley, sophomore, believes that the team’s success can be attributed to the hard work the girls put in at practice. “All the running and drills we do may seem intense, but it really does help. It’s definitely worth it.”

At 11-0 the team appears to have many strengths, but both Ross and Radulovich agree that the team’s best aspect is their camaraderie.

Ross said, “The girls work well together. They challenge each other and push their teammates to improve.”

Radulovich also said, “We don’t revolve around one star player. Everyone on the team works hard and contributes.”

While the team is so far undefeated, there is always room for improvement.

“We need to settle down and work at running the offense in a more controlled fashion,” said Ross.

Radulovich agreed. “If we slowed down the tempo a little, then it would be much easier for us to control the game.”

Finley, sophomore, thinks that at this pace, the Pride can go undefeated. “We play well, we work hard, we encourage each other, so there’s no reason we should lose a game.”

Coach Ross may appreciate the wins his girls have earned this year, but he is much more concerned with how his team sees the season and each other.

“Most of all, I hope that we have fun and enjoy a memorable season!”


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