High school boys lack chivalry


About a month and half ago, on a blisteringly cold October morning, I was walking from the parking lot, just like I would do any other day, ready to start my morning routine. As I rubbed my hands together, bracing myself for the painstakingly cold, two-second fingertip death that I so unwillingly faced every single morning when yanking open the door to the East Building, I was caught by surprise. In fact, a rather unexpected, lovely surprise, when an unfamiliar boy with a tipped hat went out of his way to step before me and hold open the door, letting me walk in first. It took a moment to realize the amazing and rare situation I was in and finally say “thank you.”
It blew my mind.

The rest of the day I spent my time spouting words of my phenomena. One would have thought it was the second coming. While girls shared my excitement and high-pitched “oh my god”-ing, boys just gave me the stink-eye.
Well, I had one thing to say them: this is why you don’t have a girlfriend, jerk.

It seems that the days of high school chivalry have died a long and excruciating death. Boys, regardless of age, are under the impression that common courtesy is a dead language. I’m not talking about just being “nice,” I’m talking about good old-fashioned genteel.

Opening a door, pulling out a seat, giving up a jacket in the pouring rain, these are all examples of forgotten courtliness. It doesn’t have to be a girlfriend, but even a stranger. It’s shameful to say that we have to revive these things for they have surely become extinct.

Ever since my overwhelming encounter, I have reset the bar. No longer shall I (nor should any girl for that matter) be swept off my feet by insincere suitors and their superficial gestures. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

Those of a generation past were surprised at my bewilderment but bewildered themselves at the thought of this decade’s lack there of. The apple hath fallen far from the tree.

People might wonder why I’m still stuck on such a little detail but when you think about it, the unnecessary acts are what stay with us. Not every guy is going to open the proverbial door of enlightenment as not-so-tall, dark, and handsome did for me. Still, it’s nice to have a normal one be opened for you every once in a while. Trust me, boys and girls, a bit of chivalry stays with you a while.


  1. This article has really opened my eyes as one of those guys. From now on I will try to be kinder to fellow students (not just the girls either). I look forward to your later articles.

  2. Being a mother of a teenage boy at Leesville, I hope he was the one who opened that door for you. Great article.

  3. Very nicely written! I really enjoyed the article and I am so happy to see there are still lovely young ladies like yourself that appreciate those simple, but kind, gestures. My 7th grade son takes pride in opening the door for the ladies and I look forward to sharing your article with him so that he can rest assured there are those that still welcome it :O)

    Keep up the good work!


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