Energy Armor: complete scam or innovative technology?


In the wake of the wildly popular “Silly Bandz,” a new rubber band bracelet is sweeping Leesville. Walk into any mall, and one might see a long line leading to the Energy Armor kiosk.  

While Silly Bandz lack purpose other than trading and collecting, Energy Armor Bands actually benefit natural functions with Ion Technology.

According to the Energy Armor website, “[The] bracelet contains a strong negative Ion compound made of rich natural minerals that are encapsulated in the silicone and the frequency it creates works with the body’s natural energy flow.”

Energy Armor claims to “utilize pure minerals and volcanic ash that are extracted from the earth” in the production of the bands.

The benefits of wearing Energy Armor include higher levels of focus, improved flexibility and balance, increased feeling of serenity, increased strength and a faster recovery time when injured.

For these reasons, many athletes wear Energy Armor to improve their game and ward off injury.

Chandler Hawkins, junior and member of the basketball team, said, “I think it improves my balance. Plus, Kobe told me they work.”

While some praise the powers of Energy Armor, some critics doubt the actual benefits. Alex Lawrence, senior, does not endorse Energy Armor. “I think its bull crap. The demonstrations they show you at the kiosk are fake, and I heard they break almost as easy as Silly Bandz.”

Recent research has shown a lack of actual science to prove the benefits of Energy Armor and similar bands, but many athletes refuse to acknowledge the results of clinical findings. Stuart Karppinen, the strength and conditioning coach with the Australian cricket team, recently told The Australian that the placebo effect, or believing that it works, is sufficient to continue using the bracelets.

Even Tom McDowd, owner of the Power Band company, addressed the lack of scientific evidence: “There’s no scientific proof to suggest that stretching or warming up does you any good either, but I wouldn’t suggest to athletes not to do it.”

Energy Armor bands are available at any local mall in a variety of colors for the price of $20. While this may seem a steep price for some, a large number of students at Leesville are willing to pay for the ionic benefits.

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  1. Truly an incredibly written article by an individual that clearly has talent in his chosen field. The fact that this article garnered over one hundred comments is a testament to Wendt’s journalistic prowess. A shame that we will never see a writer of his caliber again.

  2. I play a lot of golf and usually swing out of my shoes which leaves me unbalanced at the finish. I was given a few of these and tried them out. What works for one may not work for another, but I still swing out of my shoes, but am never off-balance. Your call.

  3. I was a disbeliever until i tried it. I do not use it for balance. Believe it or not it helps with arthritis in my hips. I have worn a bracelet for several years now. The only down side I have found is that I firmly believe they lose their potency. I put it on and do not take it off. I can tell when it starts to wear out my hips begin to hurt again. If you have ever dealt with arthritis pain you know how bad it hurts. I cannot function without these bracelets. I know i would be on some sort of medication without it. Its not the placebo affect as one post stated. If that were the case i would never need to replace it. I also know that if you have heart conditions you may not be able to use these. I bought one for my dad who has had bypass surgery but is also stressed with the severe pains of arthritis, he could not wear his band it made hit heart speed up.

  4. I bought mine in Florida. I’m not one to be fooled. It take convincing of lots to get my support. I had no clue what the guy was going , nor did I know what the product was. He did those testing on me. I actually felt pain in my foot as the first text was done. After using the bracket he did it again. No pain this time. I took it off. Did it again and URL the pain was back. I was amazed and no it wasn’t a mind thing. I always had trouble with pain when I put more pressure on one leg more. I enjoy it cause first hand I noticed the difference long before I know what it was doing.

  5. I bought one and I sleep better, my joints in my wrists don’t bother me anymore. I tried the balance test on my grandmother without telling her I was, or what it was, and she was shocked.

  6. I research for this product a lot. I called many customers who are using this product and found that it is effective. Finally, I took chance and try it out. Surprisely, it works for me. I dont belive in negative ions thing, but internally I feel difference. Result is unexpressable, but you can only feel it once you wear it for 24 hours. I would recommend. Bhavesh Poptani from India.

  7. I am 78 and for years I have tripped/fallen and was fortunate it was on the ground and I didn’t break any bones. I’ve fallen at least 4 to 6 times a month. My doctor told me to get a cane or I would some day break a limb. So I did, The last time I fell was going up the step in the choir, (I sing in the choir) I was so humiliated I was going to resign the choir. I was give one of these bracelet, two years ago, I’ve not fallen once since then, and haven’t used my either, I’m more active,climbed step ladders to paint and repair house my house, and still can sing in the choir, I don’t know how it works, I don’t care if it’s a scam, I don’t go any where with out it.

  8. I find it hilarious that everybody saying its a scam hasn’t even tried it. Then the people saying that the demonstrators are pushing differently. Really??? Read other peoples comments before making yourself look ignorant, cause if they pushed differently people that buy them and try it on there friends would have different results. But yet it still works lol. I work in a hospital and all I can say is Google negative ion wound care. There’s your scientific proof!!! I have had 1 on since October and would happily pay $100 for it if I had to. I HAD a vertigo condition and was developing arthritis in my knees and since October I haven’t had a single dizzy spell and have started running and playing tennis again. Also when I bought mine they had several other kinds and said that they were imitations and would not have the same effects, so if you have a different brand but don’t feel a difference that’s why. Get the real one and then laugh at those who THINK its a scam.

  9. I got my Energy Armor bracelet in Las Vegas. I am a catcher and with the Energy Armor bracelet I can balance longer. It works but I would recomend it to people the have alot of school work or with long days at work.


  10. I was given an Energy Armor bracelet by a young man who I was chatting with at a coffee house. He was so grateful for the help I had given him that he said please take this as a token of my appreciation. I took the bracelet but never wore it until recently. I have had an amazing couple of days. Don’t know why, but it made a huge difference! I am sleeping so well at night and feeling great during the day. If it makes you feel good… Why not try it, right? 🙂 Some people will knock anything no matter what, you are the only one that knows how you feel, so believe in your own feelings.

  11. Where do the negative Ions in tourmaline come from???? Unstable isotopes. What is the energy given off by this unstable isotope trying to become stable???


    Is it worth the risk??? think about it.

  12. Andrew, There are no companies sellign legit ion health bands. Why do I say this, well simple, they simply do not test their products. I have not come accross a single company that has actually had scientific tests conducted to show that the bands have any effect whatsoever. They all rely on saying things abotu the processes or components, but make claims based not upon their products but on science they claim is linked to them. this is pretty much the defienitioon of psuedoscience. If a company were legit it would have the actual product tested for any health benefits BEFORE makng the claims. None of them have tested their products, so how onearth do they know that mixing Tourmaline with silicone or any of the other claimed processes actually has any effect. Furhter use of psuedoscience are claims about neutralising free radicals so being benficial for fighting cancer. Really? Most free radicals are positively charged, but hte cancer causing ones are mostly negatively charged. then there is the line that positive ions are bad, really so the catitions (positively charged sodium in my body) are bad, funny that I thought they were necessary for my nervous system to work since it is only via tthe positive charge that intercellular communication takes place. Or how about that the products are about balancing you ions. There is no way to measure your levels or the rate of absorbtion (if there is any) so how exactly i s balcne beign achieved? There is real research on ions, however none of it backs up this industry which simply abuses the research to sell untested unproven products to ill people. I woudl be interested to hear of any companies that have had independnet double blind randomised studies conducted for subjective health claims, or measurable studies for objective ones such as blood pressure. Unfortunetley there are none.

  13. Do some research about The Benefits of Negative Ions before making a decision as to whether you believe it. There actually is real science behind the technology. Is there companies out there selling fake products? Yes. Is there companies out there selling legit Ion Health Bands? Yes. Just do your research, find a company that can actually prove that their product actually produces a frequency. I suggest they have videos on their site proving with a meter that their bands produce an actual frequency and if you see them at an expo they will show you the same thing in person and test your product before selling it to you.

  14. I bought one and I think it they really work since wearing mine I have nothad knee pain like I normally do n I took it off for a few hours while I was splitting wood and my knee hurt again and after I put it back on it quit hurting

  15. Please advice me is it really good to buy. Is this band works as it demonstrate???
    Will we have any benefit after buying this??? or this is just a fake….??? Please advice…

  16. Its Works!!!! I have been having back pain 2 years, and the last 3 mos it got really bad, Pain in my legs, butt area and lower back, hardly could make it through the day as a teacher. I been going to a chiropractor also for 2 years. My pain was so bad I couldnt bend over and stand backup, my muscles in my back hurt so bad I had to pull myself up every time i bent over . I put the energy armor band on two days ago, and within 4 hrs, I felt less pain. Now the pain is not totally gone yet but so so much better. I can bend over and use my own muscle strenght again to stand up correctly. I will continue to wear it. LOVE IT

  17. To the those who think this works.

    Yes there was research on negative ions, and not one bit of it showed pain relief. Yes Tourmaline can create negative ions, but where’s the reserch showing the levels given out from tourmaline are large enough to have ANY effect whatsoever? As for the bands, you are joking surely? Where is the evidence that teh levels given out by tourmaline mixed with silicone have any effect let alone and pian relief or most of the other claims made? Their claims are like saying you can have your recommended 5 portions of vegetables a day by wearing a band made of carrot.

    There is simply no evidence that this is anything other than a cheaply made placebo being targeted at ill peopel by unsrupulous companies wanting to take advantage of the ill.

  18. There are alot of negative ion bands out on the market that I’ve tried and tested. They dont work-even though we know the science and technology works. It’s because of the low number of negative ions they are putting in their bands. The only true band that absolutely without a doubt works for me is the “energy-armor”superband brand. It’s a high end product that cannot be purchased in stores. The superbands have 2000-3000 negative ions in them, that’s why you feel the difference. the kioske salesperson for “energy-armor” test you, demonstrate and educate you on the product, which I really appreciated. I was with a group of friends and we participated in testing each other just to make sure we were pushing down the same. we were all amazed. the band is not voodoo or some special magical ammulate that gives you special powers. The “Energy-Armor Superband” negative ion science only does what it does and affects people differently. I use mine for chronic body pain. All my friends wear theirs all the time and sleep well with it. I on the other hand cannot sleep with mine, keeps me awake all night of wakes me up too early in the morning. I take my off everynight and put it on in the a.m. to get my chronic body pain under control before I start my day. “Energy-Armor” superband has freed me from having to take over the counter medications for pain. I got mine Spt 2011 and still have not had to take pain medication yet.

  19. i used to be an Energy Armor sales rep. for over a year. i no longer work for them due to moving to another state so i have nothing to gain by telling this. The company in no way taught us to push a specific way. i would even let customers do it to each other. the body absorbs current from the air (like we absorb the full moon which can’t be explained either) our spinal cord sends commands to all the muscles in the form of charges. Outside charges that is absorbed disrupts our commands (charges) and the body simply doesn’t get its full command. Apply a negative charge to your body (band) and immediately your body is receiving it’s full command. everyone is different. bands do not give you anything….they keep everything out so you go to your full potential. they do not make you super human. sometimes your body has already went past the point it can repair itself….go see a doctor! hell, i don’t understand electricity but when i come home at night and my house is dark i still flip the switch! Just spend the money for a good band. A lot of cheap bands have minimum ion count and are ineffective. You get what you pay for. Thanx!

  20. The world is full of morons. William – SHOW ME THE RESEARCH. Post a link to the studies you are talking about. I dare you.

  21. Whats so hard to believe!!!! Carbon monoxide can kill you! Key word ‘KILL’!!! So your argument is ‘Its a wristband, no way it could work. It’s a trick of the mind’…..then the same could be said for the 100’s of deaths/year from carbon monoxde poisoning. They died because they either wanted to or believed they would. Simple molecules can drastically affect the human body. Period! The earliest study I’ve read is from 1957!!! Get over it people!!! You all want flying cars but can’t believe a wristband can help you! Several well known universities, scientists and yes!!!! Even our very own U.S. dept. of agriculture, have all been doing research on negative ions AND!! Have found benefits to plants, animals and humans……no scientific study huh? Ignorance is surely bliss

  22. Still waiting for Daniel Israel to provide the citations to peer-reviewed studies that support any of the patent bull spouted for these useless gadgets. I suspect I’ll be waiting a long time.

    To the rest of you ‘skeptics’ who bought this crap anyway. I have a bridge in Kansas I’ll sell you, cheap! It’s made of special alloys that absorb positive ions and therefore it allows you to live forever!

    “Our sun radiates what are called “free radicals” into our atmosphere. Some are charged and some are not.” Dear god. This level of idiocy is astounding. Does someone tie your shoes for you?

    The plural of anecdote is NOT data. If you can’t produce your ‘results’ in a double-blind randomized study, it doesn’t work. Period.

    There has been no such work done, or at least not published. Prove me wrong.

  23. Seriously, I wasn’t totally convinced about the wristband, but I have to tell you, it totally works! My two friends and I saw a great difference in each other in 30 minutes. We are much calmer now and handle things in our lives better. We sleep through the night, wereas before we were restless and iritable the next day. Aches and pains have disappeared and our personalities are always on a positive balanced level.

    My sister’s husband commented on how refreshed she looks in the mornings now instead of walking around like she lost her mind.

    Seriously parents, if you have a hyper child, get him/her one to calm down.

  24. I bought this band about a month ago and have done my own tests on it by wearing it a couple days and then going without. For me, I don’t believe it has any noticeable effects to speak of. Upon purchasing it, I figured the benefits would out-weigh the cost if it actually did work. However, I did attach the band to my dogs collar after I drew my conclusions and, to my surprise, he is running around for the first time in over 5 weeks since he died from the car accident.

  25. I bought an EA band during a trip to Dallas this past Christmas. Prior to the band I would suffer from migraines about once a week. And I had allergy issues that would keep me up at night itching which could only be solved with benadryl. Since purchasing and constantly using the band I have not suffered from a single migraine and Im sleeping throughout the night. Wether it be placibo or the band doesnt matter to me I feel a change in my body and thats what should matter.

  26. I bought my wife and I one before Christmas, and we both agree that even if it is mind over matter, and all in our head, we will live with that giving the results we have seen since we started wearing it. Balance, energy, and focus have noticeably improved across the board.

  27. do not think this is fake during the test he first pushed down on me without the band the he had my brother push down on me with the band and it did work so it works for me

  28. I didn’t believe this at first, but my uncle has one.
    He did the “push your arm down” test on me and it worked. I did it on him and it worked.
    I am a very scientific minded person, but this works.

    That was all I did though, so I can’t comment on other affects.

  29. Ok. i’ll admit it. . . I’m a cynic and a skeptic. i mean from the word “go!”

    I saw the demo, had the lady do it on me, played 20 questions; was unconvinced. Frankly, I still am unconvinced.


    i had my wife do the tests on me, repeatedly. In the sight of the saleslady as well as at home. She felt there was a definite increase in strength and balance. For me, that was enough to get me to fork over a few bucks to buy one.

    Now maybe the adage, “a fool and his money are soon parted”, applies here, but since my wife, an objective, intelligent, (not to mention GORGEOUS!!!) second opinion came to a conclusion other than what I had expected, I figure it’s worth a shot.

    Maybe it is a modern equivalent of “snake oil”, but, the same was thought about acupuncture and chiropractors in the not too distant past as well.

    We’ll see.

  30. I am exceptical about it.,,I suffer from fibromyalgia for years I couldnt walk long distances since I am wearing this band my pain reduce am more active… well that day I walk the mall without pain i sleep more hours, my husband is 62 has arthritis, he couldnt close his fits…it works….

  31. I was the biggest disbeliever in these things and my buddy stopped me at the mall (she just started workin there) and was like “PLEEEASSSE let me demo on you, I know you don’t believe in them.” So of course I gave into her and let her do it.
    There’s no way in hell the placebo thing was in effect cuz as I said, I didin’t believe.
    Well she did the strength test on my right shoulder (knowing that was my bad shoulder that I can hardly life 20lbs with due to having a boat dropped onto my whole right side just over a year ago) and I fell right over, my shoulder didn’t hold.
    She did it again with the band in my hand and my mind’s like “whatever, this is a crock of crap” and then I look at her and she’s practically jumping on my hand to bring it down…I was using almost NO effort!
    Now at that point I was like “ok cool” but still didn’t believe that much in it.
    Well I woke up this morning and for the 1st time since the boat accident,
    I had no pain.
    And for the 1st time since my battle buddy passed away after the boat accident,
    I slept perfectly fine without waking up!
    Normally I will wake up AT LEAST 8x a night,
    but not last night/this morning.
    I woke completely rested and pain free.
    It was then that I believed in the braclet and that these Ions really do work.
    So much so that I am now employed by FBB as of today!
    Also my focus and attention span…

  32. this a complete fraud, the trick is basically a mind illusion n hypnotic effect done by the person demonstrating the effect of the band but it is involuntary and thats the beauty of it. i worked in one of the kiosks at my local mall and after a while i figured out if ur not aware of the effect at all the band wont work, in some cases just by closing ur eyes. pleases ppl dont be ignorant and waste ur money on a silicon band thats worth less than $5. just like any other power band all company cares about is the ridiculous profit theyre making, also i form ur selves about negative ions dknt be fooled plz

  33. For the love of God, you people are being made fools of by snake-oil salesmen.

    ayla5253 – It is true that many European countries fluoridated for a while and then stopped, but there is no support for your claim that fluoride crumbles teeth. Cite sources or GTFO. Spain fluoridates about 10% of their water, as does the UK. The majority of communities in Ireland receive fluoridated water (~73%, even more than the United States’ ~64%).

    These are called citations – use them!

  34. to ayla5253:

    You are just downright wrong about flouride not being in the water in Europe. I moved hto the US from Europe last year, and I can assure you there is fluoride in the water there.
    This bracelet may work, although after I bought one, I noticed no improvement to my back pain, so I stopped wearing it. It did not work for me.

  35. Real Deal Troll ,
    Are you kidding ME? Fluoride was removed from water in Europe many years ago, as it has no benefit. It is promoted by the ADA because in reality, it crumbles teeth and wears them away. It also destroys the third eye. Convenient for the power elite. I stopped using fluoride a couple years. ago. No cavities. When I used fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash and the water, always had cavities. You are the real idiot here, buying what the media spoon feeds you– and so do many dentists and dental hygienists.
    For your uninformed noggin, the nurse wasn’t referring to the car company Tesla. She was referring to Nicola Tesla, whom the Tesla car was NAMED AFTER..He was a 19th century mechanical and electrical engineer and did alot of work on electromagnetism.
    I am a physical therapist. I do a lot of lifting. This year, I’ve had several injuries- minor ones. All I can tell you is that I have not gotten any injuries since I started using this bracelet. Something which I appreciate to function.

  36. Personally, I despise misleading advertising on pretty much anything, can be quite jaded, and very stubborn on any new product of any kind.

    I was getting my haircut, like every month…and my stylist said; “Hey have you seen these bracelets yet?” Nope, I answered. After he told me about them I laughed and said “Oh you mean like those dumb things people put on their cell phones to ‘absorb’ radiation? I don’t support pseudo science you know.

    So he brought me over to the other end of the room and said…”let’s do a motion range test…just humor me.” Now bear in mind I’ve practiced martial arts a long time. My range of motion is exceptionally good as is strength.
    I was snickering and acting like a sarcastic jerk through pretty much the whole thing until the part where I held the bracelet and repeated the test. After 3 maximum attempts with spinning from the waist without the bracelet…the last one ‘with’ the bracelet gave me about 10 inches more, to almost complete a full 180 degree spin from the waist. It did not jar my spine or make me feel like I over did it. I did 3 other physical tests with it, and all had similar results! Keep in mind, not one of these tests did anyone touch me or manipulate my movement in any way. It was only me doing before and afters of movements.

    At that point I had to shut my mouth and stop acting rude. For a complete non believer, there was something to this. It made me buy one, I can’t deny. All the psuedo science? Who’s to say? Does it work for everyone? Probably not. Are all brands the same? I have no idea…I only tested this one.
    But it had quite an impact on me, and the proof for me was in the real world experience knowing it was 100% without a doubt NOT the placebo effect. Lastly, I’ve certainly spent $30 on much dumber things. Such as coffee at coffee shops every day for the month…oh yeah that’s more than $30. Lots of us do this every month.

    Take that however you want.

  37. I don`t know if it`s mental ou tantric or mistic. It worked for me, skeptic, so I use it with or without the scientists and pseudo scientists permission. What about religion?

  38. AHEM HEM. first offff i would like to say have you ever heard of orgonite? orgonite is a device anyone can make at home with some basic components (im not getting in ALL of that right now look it up if your interested) Orgonite websites claimed to change the ionization of the air around it from positive to negative (a good thing) and when i found out about it i knew that if this were true then it would be very useful…so i spent over 500 dollars on the best orgonite i could find from different suppliers and i made some of my own using the internet instructions, i also bought a book on it. im pretty poor so this was a huge risk but if it worked then it was going to be worth it and if it didnt then i lost a gamble eh? Well im leaving some parts out but long story short IT WORKED the weather in my town was clearly wayyyy better…people all over town noticed how beautiful our weather got(bwk GA USA) this was not coincidence…i placed orgonite on ever single damned cell phone tower in our entire county. Also people that i gave it to reported postive only positve things about it to me. WELL recently i ran into one of these energy armor fellows in the miami bayside mall and he did the experiment on me without saying what i was to expect and he mentioned nothing about ionization. I was amazed at his balance experiment because i was shithoused on tequila and he could not make me lose balance and whats more is i got my best friend to try pushing my arm down as this fellow did and it still worked (did he blink morse code to my best friend to push my arm down some other way? hahah) we all took turns doing it to each other why the fellow at the kiosk smiled and watched not even participating! (so eff you haters!) Then we started talking about it and i was super excited that it was an ionization device because i myself make and distribute orgonite as a hobby out of my own pocket for the benefit of everyone. Also let me mention that the energy armor is stronger than any orgonite i have ever encountered…yes stronger than a top the line 500 dollar chembuster. For hours my head was swimming with the implications of such a device coming to the market and in my opinion it is one of the most important inventions to come out in what? that past 10 20 30 years? I had to have one! I went to the kiosk daily for the remainder of my stay in miami and hung out with the guy to whom i was very thankful for turning me on to such a technology (can it be called technology?) Well then a week later i was with my family in wilmington north carolina and saw a kiosk…this time i was with my mommy! haha and yea i pitched a fit like a baby for one promising her id pay her back asap if she just bought it for me then and there because it had been on my mind since miami (you have no idea how bad positive ions are for you they just disrupt all your natural electromagnetic flow). she got it for me and well….within one minute my ears popped and i could hear better a few minutes later i started laughing and felt very youthful like a giggly little kid as if a headache disappeared that i didnt know i had as if someone had unchained me energetically…then a couple minutes on after that i stated doing breathing excercise and noticed that my chi flow was veryyy powerful as if i had been deeply meditating for 30 minutes or as if i was on psylocybic mushrooms or again as if i was a child…i could with very little effort concentrate a “chi-ball” in my hands and circulate my energy throughout my body easily. i had only had it on for like 10 minutes if it werent on this would have taken like 30 in the woods not 10 in the freakin mall! then around 15 minutes my crown and third eye explodedddd like someone cracked an egg on my head and the tingle went down my spine now i felt super conscious super aware. I actually had to calm down bc i was about to just flip out i was so flabbergasted at its efficacy! now it hasnt even been 12 hours and i feel just dandy couldnt even tell you…my parents are super skeptics and are not in the best of shape i did the balance excercise on them and didnt tell them what to expect and it worked…i did it to my 27 yr old sister who is a social worker…her boyfriend who write software…my brother an infantry marine and his best friend also an infantry marine…his best friends little brother that is 16. worked worked worked worked. ionization is real and very important. i blame many of societies problems on the fact that our energy is being manipulated and depleted and we are all sick in the head. this invention is important everyone should have one…except the skeptics let them suffer bc survival of the fittest is a law.

  39. I have worked for Energy Armor for just a few days and have yet to be taught a “Special way” to push on someone’s elbow during our balance test. Unless I have been doing it the “Special way” by chance during my two dozen demos, I think the claims of us pushing down at different angles is crap. The band that I received for becoming an employee has helped me in many aspects. Maybe the testimony of a paid employee doesn’t hold much weight, but just wanted to address the claims of “special” ways of pushing someone’s arm during the demo.

  40. My husband and I bought bracelets. I have chronic knee and hip pain that I have been receiving several kinds of treatments for, for six years or more. After a few hours of wearing the bracelet my pain in my hip and knee were minimal. It has been a week I still feel good. My biggest complaint is they doubled charged my debit card. I would really watch your accounts or just use cash.

  41. I tested it on a friend. I was completely unaware of these accusations of fraud or the trick. He had perfect balance during the test when he had the band on. Instead of complaining about losing $25, think of what this discovery can do for the progress of medicine. We need to isolate the molecule and make a better anionic inducer for a miracle pill! Or, in the case it is a huge Ponzi scheme, use the idea to create the real molecule.

  42. Frankly speaking, I am a natural sceptic, but once in a while like to play with ‘miracle’ items just to pass the time with my kids and grandkids when we go to the mall. I got this wristband pushed by my oldest son just becase it seems to ‘look cool’ on me.
    Since, a pain I had for years in my right leg and back diminished which is enough for the $25 bucks I paid. I don’t care if is mental or not as long as it works !!

  43. Bottom line for people who are normally healthy and have the right enough energy to get you through a day it does not work. If you don’t it TRULY WORKS!!!!! pERIOD



  45. These wristbands are not a scam. Just because you did one demo of balance and you heard we are doing tricks is all a lie.. How about you try other demos like flexibility or strength..Put a cell phone to your heart and let them do a demo… you will see a magnificent demo..Go to Woodfield Mall in schamburg illinois and ask for these other demos.

  46. I’ve walked by many of these types of displays and thought, what a scam, then I was in a very bad motorcycle crash 5 years ago where I was rear ended at over 80mph, leaving me with many injuries including cervical Dystonia. Besides the pain,my balance is severely off especially when I close my eyes to wash my hair, I about fall over. Yesterday I was at the State Fair and kept passing the kiosk and finally thought well, I have spent over $100,000.00 easily on my condition and have been to the best medical facilities up and down the East Coast and there is nothing left medically that can be done but pain and sleeping pills, so I gave it a try. Before I couldn’t even stand on one foot let alone push down on my arm and do it. I could stand on either foot and hold my balance. This morning I didn’t remember that I had the bracelet on and when I showered and was washing my hair I was taken back because I didn’t loose my balance and then I realized that I had on the bracelet, first time in almost 5 years. After what I have been through I don’t care if you believe or not, it was worth the money to not fall into the wall of the shower this morning.

  47. I ran into a couple moms selling these outside of walmart for $15.00 each in augusta maine, I didn’t get one. I’ve had several people try their balance tricks on me to prove a point from magnets to martial artist and all of them are amazed when they are unable to disrupt my balance. Then again I trend to be surrounded by negative ppl so maybe that translates to being surrounded by negative ions, someone use the same science they use to test these bracelets to prove or disprove this statement.

  48. I got my energy armor band about 2 months ago and ever since i got one i sleep really good and i dont feel tierd as offten. when i did the test on my mom she freaked out that it worked on her so, my dad and her both got one which they both have back and ankle problems and when they bought them ever since they bought thiers they haven’t had any back or ankle problems so i belive they really work. i also started getting ready for basketball and i have been running four miles everyday and i notice when i am done i don’t feel tierd and even the next day i dont feel the effect of being tired or in pain! so i really like my energy armor 🙂

  49. OMG, I cannot believe some of you skeptics. More so, I can’t believe I read most of the garbage here. Two words “free radicals.” Everything in this world emits some form of an electrical charge; be it human, animal, or inanimate object.

    Our sun radiates what are called “free radicals” into our atmosphere. Some are charged and some are not. Coupled with the energies we emit (generate), we can experience malodies within and around us. Positive and negative charges radiate through our body. What the Chinese call “chi.”

    While I do not endorse nor dismay the energy bands, (one of which I have) the simple concept that all things are made of energy, it is possible that the bands would help to regulate the excess of positively charged energy bringing a balance to the body field.

    The Chinese had this idea long before sciene came to the picture.

  50. I’m only assuming that the people working at the kiosk are wearing these’s been awhile since I’ve been in a mail. How come when they touch you to push down the energy from their braclets doesn’t flow to you?

  51. I bought my energy armor bracelet on a whim. I suffer from migraines (mostly occular) and chronic back pain from falling off an ATV at high speed. Placebo effect or not, im going to continue wearing it because I haven’t had a migraine since I put it on and it’s been three weeks. I used to get migraines up to four times a week. And not for nothing but don’t call yourself a sceptic. The word is spelled SKEPTIC. So before you start judging people based on belief in this bracelet being effective, learn how to spell. Thank you.

  52. For all you defenders of this nonsense, please point me to the peer-reviewed papers that support all the effects this is supposed to have.

    They claim it’s ‘scientific’! Let’s see the studies, let’s see the methodologies, let’s see the results.

    Prove it.

  53. Aside from the balance test, they did a flexibility test on me. I had to stand with my feet together pointing forward, put one arm out in front of me, and twist around as far as I could (without lifting my foot). The guy marked my spot before and after the bracelet was on, and I was literally able to twist farther (by about a foot) with the bracelet on.

    I ended up giving in and buying it, but wasn’t quite convinced that he didn’t scam me by moving when he said he marked my spot. I did the expiriment again at home by closing one eye and finding a landmark (like a crack in the wall, the beginning of my window) to mark my flexibility. I still had about a foot of extra flexibility with the bracelet each time I conducted this experiment.

    I also fell asleep much more quickly than usual, and feel a lot more peaceful whilst wearing it.

  54. ok , so i was just at the mall and had the whole experience. the sales people were positive minded people telling me i had too much positive ions on me and my cell phone. one of them did the experiment on me. we pllayed a similar mind over matter game in shool with arm pressure. i straight out told them it was all happening with change of focus. i also told them i was a black magickian and they laughed. and might have even believed me. belief goes a long way. as a matter of fact its all we know in this world. however there are higher truths than plastic bands that boost bionic powers. meditation will help you as much or even more. go pray. go spend money. wear something on you that gives you reason. but do what you believe right.

  55. I am an AVID skeptic and I’m not going to go on and on about this. I have even taught my son to “talk on the phone” to get the kiosk people to leave you alone. I guess he forgot so he comes and tells me to go see the guy at the kiosk. I go with a totally closed mind. I have the guy do the balance test multiple times to try to see if there is a certain way that he changes his “push”. No luck. So I purchased one for me and my son and while we were waiting for the guy to get the correct sizes, we tested one another and both times, it worked.

    I am going to give it a while and see what “differences” I notice before endorsing this product, but as mentioned before, even if it is a placebo and it allows people to better function, good job at purchasing something that works for you.

  56. I work at energy armor right now, i was only taking the job because i need a job. if i need to pretend to sell a product i can i told myself. i didnt believe they worked at all. I took one home and took one home for my g/f. we both believed we felt better.

    What makes me believe they are truly helpful is that i only wore mine becasue i was told by my boss i could wear it home and to wear it while selling them. I did not expect or look for any improvements yet both myself and gf felt a difference.

    So truly try it for yourself and see how it goes for you. It may work for some and for others well, sucks for you

  57. @Dara

    I have read most of the comments on here. I will be brief. I do work at a kiosk selling Ion Bands. I work for a company other than energy amour.

    You asked how the ions are getting into your body. We use a very specific term “emits” with our product. FACT: Everything around you currently that is electronic emits positive electricity. Your body is constantly absorbing the positive electricity “positively charged ions”. Fact: Your nervous system is the electrical transmission system in your body. It carries electronic signals to and from your brain that allow your body to respond accordingly.

    Your body is overrun with positive electricity and that is causing only a percentage of those signals to get where they need to go due to collisions.
    Using negative ions with the bracelets allow the nervous system to be restored to a more natural balance of positive and negative electricity. Now you have open access. A higher percentage of these signals are now getting where they need to go. This allows your body to compensate more efficiently to what is going on…

    It’s not a placebo, though there is always a knock off to everything.

    If anyone on this board is really interested in seeing these work. I will be more than happy to provide demonstrations that I can guarantee cannot be fixed. Drive on over to the mall in Lake City, Florida! Demonstrations are free!!

    I will probably not be responding to anything on here, but feel free to email me with any other questions pertaining to the topics of balance bracelets.

    please put subject as balance bracelet.


  58. Skeptics, calm down! It is always good to be skeptical, but there are limits, and after you pass them, you look like fools. You think a salesperson is our to fool you? Maybe. It’s not unreasonable to think so. But do it yourself then. With my friend I did the pushing on the outstretched arm, and he was amazed when he saw the difference in what happened–he toppled without the bracelet and was stable with it (and I had no tricks like you have been talking about). We did it again. Same thing. I tried the one where his arms are down at his sides with wrists bent in and palms up. I pushed down on his hand (none of your cutsie tricks are even possible there) and he toppled without the bracelet, and then stood strong with it, no matter how much weight I put on his hand. No salesperson tricks there. No salesperson even involved. So go ahead and doubt, but don’t stop there or you look silly. Experiment! That is called science. I did, and found out that there is something strange and fascinating going on. Do I have a full explanation of it? Nope. But something wild is going on. I have worn the bracelet for a few days and there are definite and subtle improvements in lots of ways like those discussed above (and maybe I do notice them more than people younger would because I am in my 60s). It didn’t turn me into superman, but it is making some differences. And maybe it won’t work for you. I don’t know. And I honestly don’t care whether you buy the thing or not. I don’t even know you. But stop pretending that you are so wise and clever when you don’t even experiment yourself. There would not be much increase in knowledge if everyone acted like you.

  59. I read a few comments above and I would say u actually have to wear the wristband. Before u can judge it.I had aproblems with my back and neck before using band and I would. Say that my problems are healin and I have so much more energy!! Go energy armor. (:

  60. This message is to explain in the simplest terms possible to all of the so called skeptics. Have you ever stood near a water fall took a deep breathe and immediately just feel better about everything? How about the smell after it rains, everyone loves that, not the smell of wet pavement but the smell of the rain itself. That feeling is the negatively charged ions entering your body and stabilizing chemical production with in your body. Every single part of your body starts at the atom and builds up from there, if we have too many positive charges floating around those atoms it can mutate or become deficient. This being said we need something in our lives as humans that can help us equalize these numbers of protons and electrons (that is what the positive or negatively charged ions are called individually) in our bodies without going inside our bodies or having to change our daily activities too much. Because let’s face it this is America and it would truly be difficult for a mass change in our daily routines such as not using wi-fi or cell phones anymore. Once again a point has been made that is irrefutable a proponderance of positively charged ions are flying through us at all times in this country and many others like it. The word armour or armor refers to a protective covering used to prevent damage from being inflicted to an object, individual or a vehicle through use of direct contact weapons or projectiles, usually during combat, or from damage caused by a potentially dangerous environment. This being said we are in a very harmful and dangerous environment everyday of our life. So we as civilians need some sort of armor for our bodies, not a bullet proof vest but energy armor. We need protection from all of the positive ions bombarding us everyday energy armor is made with this principle in mind. It has volcanic ash and specific minerals that contain a higher amount of negative ions than other natural products in our world, when worn on a wrist or ankle your blood circulates around three times per minute right next to the band allowing your entire body the benefit of the negative ions contained within the band. The messages above are correct about there being no real evidence about the positive effects of negative ions in our bodies, but remember that not long ago much of our medical knowledge was 180 degrees different then now and everyday we make new break through’s that completely being us back to the drawing board. Here’s something to think about Einstein never proved a thing yet all of his theories are S.O.P. In the realm of physics.

  61. Well about 2 weeks ago, I bought one for me after having the demo at a fairground. I then nagged my husband to get one too. He was a sceptic right away. He put his on and he claims it made him feel worse after a while, more irritable, , so he is no longer wearing it. I wonder if that is gthe same result I read about in the posts above. I can’t say that I feel really different on a consistent basis, although I have noticed a few fluctuations in my energy from time to time. . We did try out the tests at home, and my husband did them on me with the subtle changes in direction- have to admit that it did make a huge difference in the reuslts. So the posts about that are definately right on. Did the sales person employ that techniqe when they did the test on me ? I really can’t say one way or another. It would be nice to think they were legit.
    I’m interested to note the post about r educing migraines, since I suffer from them as well. Point of fact I have had one for the last 2 days. I will continue to experiment and see if this band has any effect. In any event, I have spent more on stuff that ends up not being used, so I don’t feel too bad, even if my skeptical husband says I wasted 40 bucks. I don’t wear miine all day- I put it on after I get up in the morning, wear it all day at work, and take it off before i go to bed. I’m wondering now if wearing it all day and night would make a difference. Any thoughts ?
    I’m going with the thought that “nothing ventured nothing gained”. My background is in science, but unfortuntely to run a real test using the sceintific method is not possible as I don’t have a control group, so I guess I will just continue doing this unscientifically. In any event, it is keeping me amused.

  62. I know the author! he is my roommate! He is the brightest dapper that I have ever had a chance to know! What an intelligent young lad.

  63. I am a former employee of energy armor. People go in with a mindset of the band not working and then swear that they are being pushed in a different way. If that was true, then I think more people would have caught onto it by now. The way we are taught to do a demo is by pushing straight down above the elbow. Both times. There’s no trick to it or anything. When you buy your band, it should come with a little booklet that explains it. On some people, it obviously works yet they still say that it doesn’t. The balance test isn’t the only one that we do. We also do strength and flexibility. It’s not something you “feel”. It’s not a “miracle band” either. It takes the principles of science and it allows your body to work at its best. It doesn’t make you stronger. It just allows you to access the full potential of your strength by protecting you from frequencies.

  64. @Helen: did you also test the latest version of the Energy Armor band (strong version)? I really wonder what the actual radiation is for that band, if any. They claim it should have 3000+ negative ions. I’m really curious, but I don’t wanna spend 50 bucks on a testing device I might use once.

  65. willy, can you please explain how the negative ions get from the band into your system? That is one of the areas where I am sceptical.
    I agree the fans might be good as I assume you inhale the negative ions (?), but are probably very expensive.

  66. Negative ion fans are used in medical therapy all the time. The bracelet is the same thing only cheaper. It’s a great buy.

  67. Helen, the guy at the Energy Armour stand at my local mall said the hologram has nothing to do with the negative ions – that they were in the rubber. That is why the new “stronger” bands don’t even have a hologram on them.

  68. Hey Guys, Really interesting comments. I’m a satisfied customer of one of the stronger surgical-rubber bracelets, called VitalForce. It is a superior hologram model, which amazingly, keeps my hip rotators from going out on me. I tested five bracelets that didn’t work for me, not to say that they didn’t have light degrees of negative-ion emissions but the VitalForce band is perfect for me. I ordered a negative-ion meter from the internet & am testing every band I order, including EFX, Lifetouch, Power Balance, & even took my bracelet to Alpha Labs SLC, to be tested & it indeed did have strong Aonic emissions. I sent for a new one w/three holograms on it, but it was too strong, as was EFX, so you have to cater to your energy. Body Bionix has an amazing hologram which, when attached to your cell phone, neutralizes 96% of EMF (cell phone radiation) from reaching your head, also can be tested.

    My advice is to keep researching & send for a neg. ion tester from Amazon or Ebay, I have amazing energy & can sleep & am very thankful that we have a way to fight back against the 230,000 cell towers in the USA alone. Circulation also is improved by neg. ions. I do not recommend wearing the bracelets swimming, chlorine etc, clouds the rubber over the hologram, even if the hologram is still working.

    Another cool thing, is to wear a bodybionix technology hologram on the back of a pendant, mine is an iranian turquoise & sterling silver pendant. Looks amazing, apparently, a scientist from NASA came up with bodybionix, it has all been tested.

    Nano technology is the wave of the future, we can’t see things with our naked eye but we can use technology to test these new aids & also test how we feel, using them.

    Best of luck, in your researching of these aids & feel well.

  69. to The Real Deal Troll

    I think you’re the sceptic I am. To be open minded and after hearing all these tributes, I went and bought the bracelet against all logic, wore it a few days and noticed no difference at all, and then wondered how I could be so stupid as to believe a rubber bracelet actually worked and that I spent $30 on it….

  70. makes me SICK when people want to sue, get a job you BUM, if the bracelet didnt work for you you lost 20 bucks , what do you think your going to make millions, this is whats wrong with this country everyone is sue happy, TRY WORKING instead of raining on peoples parade that it’s worked for. You complain this company is robbing people for their money but you think you will sue and you are going to have the peoples money, YOU IDIOT

  71. One word to those who think this works: Placebo.

    The people who buy into this pseudo-scientific hoax invariably don’t even know what ionic means. That’s okay – neither did the guy who invented them, according to court deposition.

  72. I believe. I suffer from horrible migraines and since I have had my EA Band I haven’t had to take anything. No more migraines.

  73. To everyone who believes in EA…

    Pain that is being “relieved” by this piece of rubber… you’re being led on by the placebo effect.

    As for physical testing… All demos at the kiosks are FAKE. The reason your balance improves while you’re wearing this piece of rubber is because they make sure NOT to put any angled force when you’re wearing the band. Many people do not notice this, but the next time you go and try it out… notice the way they are pushing on you on trials 1 and 2. You will see a difference. All flexibility tests are also a hoax. Your body is capable many things people are not aware of, they’re just taking advantage of it. I could write on and on about how fake these are, but it would be best if you took a closer look at it yourself. If these bands were the real deal… they would not encourage the kiosks to give out FAKE demonstrations. PURE BS.

    @ Janet,

    No offense, but you’re completely out of line.

    “I do believe in the subtle energy fields that creation has provided and I believe that our lifestyles disrupts those fields through drugs, diet, electronics and even thoughts.”

    Are you suggesting that with the help of these rubber bands… we are able to abuse all of the above? Get real. It is scientifically proven that our fitness will improve or worsen depending on our drug usage, diet, and habits (by electronics I’m assuming you’re saying that going on the computer or watching TV too much will affect us?) As well as our THOUGHTS which supports the placebo effect.

    “Why haven’t some of these big companies spent millions of dollars on research?”
    – Researching a product that is complete bull sounds like a risky project to me… as soon as people realize that these Negative Ion bracelets are nothing but a fashion statement the whole business will go down the drain.

    “Why do we really have Fluoride in our water?”
    – You have got to be kidding me, aren’t you in the medical field? Fluoride is a chemical that is used to benefit your teeth. The PRIMARY reason they put Fluoride in our water is to prevent tooth decay. ALSO, fluoride is found in many rocks and soils… water is bound to have at least SOME Fluoride in it. Is it good for us? Maybe. Can it cause side effects to the human body? I wouldn’t doubt it.

    “Why don’t we power our cars like Tesla did?”
    Tesla was founded in what? Like 2003? During that time electric cars were still NOT very popular in the market. Are you asking companies who have been working on gasoline running cars for DECADES to suddenly trash everything and try a new approach? Even in 2011… Electric cars are still not as popular as gas powered cars. Businesses aim to make profit, they could care less about the consumer health. Why do you think tobacco companies aren’t shutting down?

    “Why don’t we grow hemp and have many, wonderful, healthy products that eliminate the use of barrels of toxic farm chemicals, and save a lot of trees?”
    – Time consuming… which means more money.
    – Too much effort… which also means more money.

    Maybe it’s time for you to do some more research. You can’t just assume that people will do what’s good for the planet because they won’t. The less they do for you, the more money they will earn.

    If you believe in these magical rubber bands so much that you would question things how the world runs… then I encourage you to scam your patients for $25, because it will make them feel so much better.

    Take off your blindfold and see the world for what it really is.

  74. Like most people I was sceptical about the band but, hey what the hell it was $20 which I would have lost on something else anyway. I was surprised, it actually works. I sleep well, a bit more relaxed and more motivated. Who knows if its placebo or not. No human is the same so you can’t expect it to work in the same way.

    Although I live in Canada I bought it in a Mall in New Hampshire… Need to get another few for the family now. Everyone has a choice so if you don’t think it works don’t buy it!

  75. Okay, a little back ground. It was 95 degrees I am 48 and was on my feet in the sun for about 6 hours. Exhausted, hot, tired and in no mood I was flagged by a seller at the State Fair. After talking to me for a couple of minutes I was CONVINCED that this product was just another bit of carney garbage. So I said lets do the test, well having been ill for a couple of days prior… just standing on one leg with out being shaky was almost impossible but I managed. After being pushed to where I lost balance I tried standing on one leg again. I was as shaky as the first time. I had the bracelet put on and stood on one leg with absolutely no weakness, wobbling or anything. To the amazement of my wife I bought it on the spot ( after 25 years of marriage this is the first time that I spent money that I would normally consider wasteful ). Sham I think not, but time will tell.

  76. Well i bought my energy armor about 2 months ago and saw no difference in my energy levels what so ever went back after 2 months returned it and still feel the same.

  77. When I was young I do not think I would have noticed a difference because I always felt good, had a lot of energy and always got a good nights sleep. Now that I am 66 and work full time on my feet as a nurse this is not so true. That first nights sleep after I got my band was worth the $25 and as a bonus I realized that my right shoulder no longer hurt and I had full range of motion.
    I do believe in the subtle energy fields that creation has provided and I believe that our lifestyles disrupts those fields through drugs, diet, electronics and even thoughts.
    Why haven’t some of these big companies spent millions of dollars on research? Follow the dollar. I used another volcanic ash product to eliminate acid reflux with no side effects. The total cost to get rid of acid reflux was less than one month supply of the pills that were ordered for me and they told me that I would probably take for the rest of my life. Why do we really have Fluoride in our water? It is not because we need it or it is good for us. If you research how some of our drugs got on the market you may question some of the research and safety. Why don’t we power our cars like Tesla did? Why don’t we grow hemp and have many, wonderful, healthy products that eliminate the use of barrels of toxic farm chemicals, and save a lot of trees? (and is not good for smoking) Do some research. Lift up the sheets and see who is in bed.

  78. So I bought the band, am wearing it since Saturdaty but unfortunately I feel no difference to anything. I bought the band since so many people advocated it and I thought why not. I consider myself an open minded sceptic.
    @Christian Onstott: your post is the most contradictory and downright stupid on this entire board – you say it works for you then call it only a rubber band. Which is it? While you at it, why don’t we just burn all the books too.
    @Malak – I agree there is some reseach to support negative ion benefits, but I hope it is transmitted through the band. Like I said, I have not felt any difference. I also wonder aloud it negative ions were so amazing, why more research has not been conducted in the area. My suspicion is that the research on it which espouses its benefits has been rubbished by other research

  79. This site has deleted my concerned blog that was posted earlier today. Has anyone had any medical issues intensify using the energy armour wristband. I have had server pain in my arms and hands. Will and unusual. Sensitivity. To my finger tips. A hot burning feeling with prolonged times of stooting pins and needles to the tips of my fingers. I started using the wristband in may for knee issues and now have this medical problem. That i have never imcounyed before. So can anyone else tell. Me if they experienceed the same issues. I took band off today for the first time and drastically with in minutes. Pain reduced.

  80. If you research negative ions it actually has a scientific research behind it. They have been testing them in hospitals for years with people with severe burn wounds and it been known to speed up the recovery time. I went to the kiosk 3 times before I bought one doing my own outside research. The kiosk I went to actually had a placebo band that hd no negative ions in it. They tested that band on me first (without my knowing) and I fell over twice with it on. They had me hold another band and I stood strong. Most of the people here that say it doesn’t worked have not even attempted to try it. How can you be a sceptic if you don’t even do research or try it out. One of the bands I got actually snapped in half after 3 months and I went back and they handed me a new one. No charge, no questions asked. If they offer that type of customer service I have no problem buying a band that I feel works and has backing.

  81. I usually ignore the kiosk at the mall but for some reason I stopped and tried the energy armor band. I am a very skeptical person however when the young lady did the balance test and told me to lift my arms up the pain in my shoulder was very real. I have been dealing with this pain for awhile now…when I put the band on the pain was gone and I could lift my arm with no pain! I do light weight lifting and I had to stop because of the pain…whether it’s the placebo effect or not. It worked for me and I am grateful.

  82. I bought one last July and still wearing it maybe it has a placebo effect but i love it  @dara lemme know what u think pls

  83. Stop all the complaining and conspiracy rabble!!!!…. If you like the product and believe it has helped you… then by all means buy one for yourself… If on the other hand you believe that it doesn’t help you or you thinks it fraudulent then it’s very, very simple…. DON’T BUY IT….. But for Christ’s sake…. STOP WHINING LIKE A BUNCH OF 4th GRADERS!!!… I thought they were BS until I bought one and I wore it for a while and then it broke…. It was after it broke that I noticed a difference in my core!!.. If you don’t like the product then fine.. you are all entitled to think and feel how you want… But why don’t you guys save all of the energy that you are pouring into whether it’s fake or not, blah, blah, blah and pour it into products that kill… I don’t think the little rubber bracelet makers are peddling a product equal to… Heroin? or Cocaine?.. It’s a RUBBER BRACELET!!!!!!!!…..JEEEEEEEEZ

  84. I am sceptic number one,and I’ve posted a few times here to express that.I’m amused by some of the comments,but you know what-I’m gonna go out a buy this thing just to keep people on this forum happy….and with so many positive comments on the band I figure why not…it may even help my bad back. Someone asked about the sceptic’s degrees and I can tell you I am an electrical engineer with a masters in radio frequency engineering.I studied ions quite a bit,and no professor I had ever mentioned it as the miracle cure for everything.
    Anyway,I hope I am very wrong and am going to go out and buy it this weekend. If it works I will be very happy to admit so – I have a bad back – if it doesn’t work I don’t want to entertain people on this forum telling me it was because I didn’t believe in it….it’s not Santa Clause

  85. It is funny to me that the people on here that claim they have an insight on this band happen to have never bought the band and to have never actually slept and used the band faithfully as they are intended. I bet you can’t feel the effects of fruits and vegetables like some magic dust in your body, does that make God’s creation a scam. The fact is that people are ignorant, that includes some people that sell the bracelets. You may have had a sales person that tried to manipulate what should be a very legitimate muscle test, but the fact that so many people experience better sleep and pain relief is overwhelming anecdotal evidence. The fact that people are so ignorant in brands is amazing to me. Do all perfumes smell the same? Those bands in the law suits are companies that fraudulently claimed to carry a legitimate science, Energy Armor happens to carry that science. I would love to ask these people who bash it what their degree is in. Mine is in nutrition, and I have been a personal trainer for years and also highly into organic and homeopathic medicine. Isn’t it funny that all the stuff god created carried the negative Ion like peppermint oil, oil of oregano, and countless other natural medicines. I guess the beach is a scam for producing negative ions when the waves crash. For the geniuses that wonder why it took so long for this technology to appear, try doing some research and you will find that it has actually been around since the 50’s and used for everything from burn hospitals, cancer treatment, and even helps out your fruits and vegetables. So grow up! It is amazing to me how many people will trust the word of a doctor who sells you blood pressure medicine and makes 10 grand for doing so, but a bracelet sale man who makes 5 bucks per band is a crook???!!! I encourage you to do some research you lazy Americans or better yet just spend the 25 with an open mind and let the stupid thing help your life!!

  86. I was walking in the mall when I noticed the kiosk selling the energy armor bracelet, I was curious as to what it is, and this guy gave me a demo oh how it works. I asked a few silly questions, and decided to try it. $ 20 is not much compare to all useless stuff that I had bought. I’d been suffering from leg pain for years. I even go for massages, physio…etc. I am still skeptic until now, but it’s been 2 days now since I wore this bracelet, and haven’t felt any pain on both legs. I think I am a believer…and I noticed that I am more alert or energetic…I am actually waiting the whole day if I will have leg pain again…anyway…it helps for the 2 days I’ve been wearing it,

  87. I was real sceptical at first too. (just like anyone else). im also the kind of guy that is very open minded about things like this. so i bought one just because. i put it on and it felt kinda weird. so i told myself “ok dude, you took pyschology 101, your just making this up in you head.” but then i went to work out and i usually take supplements for energy before but i said ” this wrist band is supose to help with energy lets let it work” just to try it.(i enlisted in the army and have been working out with a fire fighter doing all endurence stuff.) and usually after i work out i just want to colapse and take a nap. but after this work out i was happy and chipper ready to go on with my day. the next day is when i noticed somthing really cool. idk if it was due to the band but alot of my acne was clearing up. and now my back and face are cleared up.

  88. I should say “housed in silicon” instead of “housed in silicon bracelet”.
    Sorry guys, magazine editor over here.

    I will also say that referring to energy armor as something that turns up my wizard powers was a joke, I’m not a wizard.

  89. I was a skeptic, but then I did some researching as the matter.

    The facts:

    The company energy armor is providing the service of collecting a natural resource, and attaching the natural resource to a wearable bracelet.

    The bracelets function as an energetic supplement. They are made of volcanic ash that is housed in a silicon bracelet. The volcanic ash in the bracelets is high in negative ions, which are molecules that have fewer electrons than they do protons.

    Studies have been done, you can find them on the internet- one of the known functions of wearing negative ions in a bracelet is increased flow of oxygen to the brain, which results in what I will call an energy boost. It’s a freakin’ energy booster guys.

    My personal belief based on using one is that it turns up my wizard powers.

  90. My mother came home with my cousins bracelet, she said here put your hands behind your back in a cup and im gonna press down and i want you to resist, with out questioning i said ok, so she presses I fall backwards, she puts this bracelet on top of my head which i had no clue what it was, and presses on my hands again to my astonishment she has her whole weight pressing down on me and I am not budging. So I say ok… what the hell is this, with out answering she says here try this “stretch down to your toes as far as you can” I do so I am not touching my toes at this point, in about 2 seconds I feel like i can go further and I touch the floor! and my mother simply put the bracelet about an inch away from my body so I didn’t even feel it touch me. Next day I went to the kiosk abd baught an energy armor bracelet I did not perform any of the tests at the kiosk. Next day I got people to put their hands behind their back and I would try these tests my mother did. I am 6ft 230 lbs I performed this test on a girl who is 5’5 110 lbs tiny.. I had my whole weight on the back of her hands jumping on it and she wouldn’t budge. amazed by this I probabably did these testsa on 20 people whome all worked for… Placebo I think not… The lack of research fails to prove or disprove anything… The people who are skeptics look for answers in the wrong places like the guy who did the test 9 times and decided they were pushing a different way i suggest trying some other tests… Every skeptic I met wont wear the bracelet or wont even try it due to being judged. Open your mind up… The universe is infinite and no human can understand that or comprehend. To say that certain things are impossible just doesn’t make sense. How many people have to say something works before its accepted… I don’t remember who said this but for every positive there is a negative for every force there is a force repelling, so the positive IONS such as emfs that come off of cell phones and other equipment are bad for you… Hi EMF exposure we know can make people feel dizzy, unbalanced and give headaches, and at times cause hallucinations, and we know this a lot to from people who disprove ghosts and “paranormal” people who live in a place with high EMFS “feel different” see things get headaches etc… so if there is a negative to the positive ions than there must be a positive in the negative ion.

    Skeptics are stubborn people who think they know everything.. well let me ask you this… if I spent 40,000 years travelling east in space where would I be? Open your minds people science isn’t everything…

    There was a time you would be burned at a stake for being anti social because you were accused of being a witch… amazing how much knowledge you learn over these times.. perhaps everything isn’t learned yet. Skeptics just hate aynything they don’t understand, yet we still need em as it gives people a reality check when they most need it.. but perhaps this isn’t the place 🙂

    It works buy it, you will feel more energy sleep better and work outs more effective.

    I do not sell the bracelets but I am a huge supporter

  91. I am 15 years old. I was walking in the mall to go buy a video game, my shoulder kills me from playing in one position all the time. So i saw this band thing. The lady said it was called energy armor so i put it on. She then did the demonstration which i quickly picked up as fake due to the way he pushed my arm towards my legs keeping me stable. Anyways so i thought it could help my arm. I put it on and the next day i went to the doctors cause it hurt more and she said that she couldn’t do much it will last a few day or weeks. I woke up the next day and my arm was totally fine. I did invest my money into something that helps. I used to weigh 160 pounds and could barely do a pushup. I can now do about 20-30 and its been 4 days. I feel stronger, lighter, faster. This thing did help me either mentally as in a placebo or physically as ions. Either way i like its effect and if it is a placebo, well i don’t care ’cause it works for me !

  92. To all those talking about skeptics (I am a cautious skeptic) and egos, they are not the same thing and this is a childish and useless point to bring up. It is nothing about egos. Is it wrong to ask why and how it works?? Is it wrong to say I felt no difference when I wore the bracelet? Is that having an ego??
    All I have said is that I remain skeptical after many tests with this band and I noticed the guy at my local store was pushing in a different direction when I had my band on.
    I didn’t buy the bracelet because I don’t think it works and I have not heard a good answer to how and why it should work. If I am given a good answer to how it is supposed to work then I may go out an buy one. Until then, my placebo will be to pretend I am wearing the bracelet and still get the placebo effect from that, while saving $25. I didn’t buy the bracelet becasue I don’t think it works, and not because of any other reason like an ego.

  93. What is there not to believe? Positive ions are everywhere it is scientifically proven that positive ions are expelled by the radiation of our cellphones and wifi and other radio waves. We can all agree radiation is bad right? than why not buy something to help balance the positive and negative ions inside of your body. Its proven that your body as well as everything else in the world is made up of atoms right ? atoms have a negative and positive ionic charge. Once the body is too overwhelmed by positive ions you need a balancer. So thats why you would buy the energy armour bracelet. They have sufficient proof too, research negative ion therapy. Dr. Rashid Buttar is the medical director of the center for advanced medicine, help create the energy armour band. he has also written a book “The 9 steps to keep the doctor away” it mentions the energy armour bracelet a few times. Other companies such as Power Balance, Q-Ray, and EZ balance all rely on their hologram technology with is made up of metals and zincs and magnets. Which will rust and lose charge eventually, because the energy armour band does not consist of metals or magnets it will last indefinitely and even if someone snaps it theres a lifetime guarantee! Honestly 20 bucks isnt a big deal nowadays. If youre wondering about the placebo affect, i was curious too so the strength test i got done on me (hands behind the back and the employee pushed down in my hands) the man had 2 bands one without a charge and one with. Now i cant see the band so i didnt know the difference between the 2 just by the feel because they were the same sized bands. So he pushed the first time and i fell and than he pushed the second time with the other band and i could hold him off the ground. And they are the ONLY company that isnt in a law suit or being sued because of their methods. If you have any further questions or comments tag me in your comment and it will get sent directly to my email.

    Thanks for your time,

  94. well, i was in buffalo and i tried it and it seemed to work.. it made my balance better (in tests not done by the sellers) and it made me more awake when i drove home. even f it is a placebo, it still works for me 😉

  95. The “Balance Test” annoyed the crap out of me!!! Im only 13 so yeah I have really good balance… im out of shape anyways what does it matter. He didn’t knock me down either time! After the second time the guy was like “Feel the difference?” And I was like yeah you pressed harder… he took five dollars off and I bought it anyways… dammit I thought I was smarter than that.

  96. i see all kinds of these and some work 30 60 days and some much longer but the one that i felt was a off brand and only 12 bucks and it worked better then the others i tried that cost 20 25 bucks so there is something in them and others are just bs, i took mine off for a shower next day and felt like something was wrong so i put it back on and still there today.

  97. Skepticism is healthy to a degree, but not when it is fueled by enormous egos– those who “know they know it all” without a doubt. I want to point something out that has been overlooked so far in this forum. The placebo effect is not just a one sided phenomena. It works both ways. For example, if you go into the test already “knowing its not gonna work” just because it doesn’t seem possible in your pre-concieved view of things, even if the bracelet actually is working, your mind is so bent on protecting your fragile ego that it actually works against you and will block your conscious mind from picking up the cues your body is sending to it. In other words you won’t feel the difference because subconsciously you have already made up your mind not too. Effort is still important e.g. I could fail a DUI test sober if I didn’t want too pass.

    The negative placebo effect is at least as powerful as the positive one. Just as someone going into the test expecting and wanting it to work, the result will seem even more drastic to the individual because they will likely be hyper focused on finding results. Bottom line__the bracelet can work if you let it. Give it a chance and let your mind adjust to the positive changes your body is undergoing. It starts to work when you put the bracelet on, but it can take at least a day to reach its full effect…And who knows if SOME demos are exaggerated with techniques, but when I did the test on my skeptical friends we were amazed at the results. After wearing it a while, I don’t notice so much what it does when its on, but when I take it off is when I really feel how much it was actually affecting me.

  98. I can’t understand why so many people are so fast to assume it is a skam right out the gate. To you hardcore skeptics who already “know” it won’t work, you need to understand that placebo affects can work in both ways. If you try the bracelet while you subconciously don’t want it to work, because your poor little ego would be bruised, you are digging your self a hole to start from rather than coming from an unbiased place and comparing from there. So then when you have the test done without the bracelet your creating your own placebo effect in the opposite way by trying to prove yourself right. I wear the bracelet and I notice the difference when I take it off tremendously. Have a nice day with or without your bracelets folks…but to your hardcore skeptics who think you know it all, beware the power of your own egotism.

  99. hello all you overconcerned people. I work at one of the kiosks selling these wristband…Ive never been trained to push down on your arm in a different way if your holding the band or not…Ive had multiple people come to me praising the product..saying that theyve had chronic pain for years and the band got rid of it instantly or after a few hours of use . Placebo effect or not it helps people if you dont think it works then dont buy it. simple as that..

    (PS @ adam sundy good luck sueing the company haha and @ Nicole yes the band can have different effects on different people as everyones natural electrical fields are different)

  100. Hi,

    I am the guy who wrote above about the direction of pushing the arm. From what I saw, it was a scam. I am very sceptical about things like this since I believe they do harm when people hold off on getting scientifically proven medical advice and prescriptions. I think these bands will do no harm if they don’t prevent a patient from getting other treatments, and they may even do some good.
    I’m not saying it does not help, it just has not been proven. I would be cautious until it has been proven. The arm pushing in the mall, I proved that to be a scam based on the direction of the push – I had the guy test me about 10 times to make sure I was right. It wasn’t a good start for me to becoming a believer in this band.
    They tried to kill Gallileo when he said the world was round, so I’ll never say never. The difference so far was that Gallilieo had proof if anyone listened.


  101. I thought it was absolute garbage when i got the demonstration in the mall, but what made me change my mind and purchase was that the guy selling them asked me if a suffered from headaches. migraines, dizziness etc. I am a headache sufferer and always popping pills for them. to be honest (It could be the placebo effect), i have not had a headache since wearing the band starting may 3rd. I wear it everyday! it appears to work for me and i am a very Skeptical person. Try it! you see! no Bull. TRY IT! YOU HEADACHE SUFFERERS!

  102. believe it or not there are such things as energies in life. all kinds, psychic, body, mind, electronics, and etc. i’ve had most of them proven to me in ways you would think impossible. I bought the bracelet specifically not asking what it is for, i had it on during the day, and started comparing my past days with today.. and i did found major changes.. then i decided to look it up and see what the hell it is supposed to do. and let me tell you this.. it works and it’s not plocebo. 😀

  103. Bought it in Fla at a mall. Love it. I’m a senior and have had a bad time with my knee. Almost instant relief and was able to exercise all week while on vacation in the pool. No pain now in my knee. Do what you want….buy it or not. Works for me. Won’t take it off and will see about my friends with MS after reading one of the emails above. Maybe it seems too easy….just like knowing God in Jesus. I choose to believe.

  104. yeah, some of you guys need to chill. i have one on my wrist and 2 tags for my dogs. they really help. the people that sold them to me at the mall were super nice, and said that they work differently for different people. they also said that the pro’s would not work for everyone. the wristband helped me sleep better, i’m not as stressed, and i have less body aches. i believe they work, but you have to be more optimistic about what will happen to your body. having your panties in a wad just makes you look stupid. kbai.

  105. I have studied products that contain volcanic ash and minerals not typically found in ordinary soil samples. They work because they stimulate the subtle energy fields surrounding your body. All living things have these fields, and minerals have electromagnetic charges that act with these to improve or weaken this field. Most of our current food, electric device, and even music tend to disrupt this field. No one has really tested how these devices would effect the energy flows within our bodies, so you don’t hear much about correcting it. The arm strength test is easy and real, it does not take genius to realize that objects that come into our energy field, affect the whole field to strengthen or weaken it. If you don’t want to use the bracelet to help correct your energy disruptions, better find something that will!

  106. Just bought one, now I’m doing some research…I know backwards. Thinking back on the test the kisok guy did, I believe I was duped, as per the previous comment above explaining the directions to which he pushes and when. However even with this knowledge I’ll still wear it & see how it goes. I won’t promote it though, better to be silent and be judged a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

  107. so i was at the mall today and i went by this koisk, and i’ve seen these bands before. Also the lady selling them was quite attractive. So i decided to have her do the test, to my suprise it worked, i did have better balance, however i do think it is non-sense but i still gained happiness. Better to buy this ion wrist band than to buy 3 meals of macdonalds. I did gain happiness and they lady had told me i can return it and get my money back if it did not work. To me i think its the placebo affect. However i still support but if your one of those people who only want the facts then i would say go buy macdonalds instead. If you have faith that you can do better even if it means buying a $20 wristband then go ahead. However i think this is becoming a fad. I could not care less cause I went back to the koisk and got my money back.

  108. i saw this at the mall and of course I as questioning them, i had them perform all the tests on me and I decided to get one. later on in the day i decided to try the tests on my friends. i didnt have any technique or anything i just did exactly what the people at the mall did for these tests, to my surprise it had the same result on my friends then it did with me. (also when i did the tests with my friends i made sure that they had no idea what the bracelet did, or what it was supposed to do.)

    i think it actually works, and it seemed to work on my friends when i did the same exact tests.

  109. @unsure: just because I am a skeptic,it does not mean I will spend $22 on cigarettes simply means I won’t spend $20 on a rubber band which I believe is garbage.
    Misinformation and scams are not harmless.I once visited a village in chiapas province in Mexico where the locals believed drinking coke and burping released their illnesses.Many of them are dead or dying due to this ridiculous belief,and it is often too late to save them when they finally go to hospital to receive scientifically proven medicines,much to the scorn of the village elders.

  110. I actually recently became an employee for my local Energy Armor kiosk. My boss gave me a personal one for being an employee. After about 2 or 3 hours of training, I noticed that I was standing up as straight as possible, I hadn’t stumbled over myself (being 6’3″, I tend to do that a lot.), and that the pain that I constantly get in my side has not occurred. And I’m a bit absent-minded at times, so I forgot I even had the thing on my wrist. Though, there is no study saying otherwise, I do not believe that this is a placebo effect product.

  111. I bought one… So what if I wasted 20 bucks… People waste more money on other things they dont need. And if this thing does work thing great. If this thing works because you beleive then great! If you were skeptic to begin with then you should have bought 2 packs of smokes (22.00 bucks where I live) and blacken your lungs some more!

  112. I was just walking thru the mall minding my bidness when this cat called me over and started running the pitch on me. Now, I had seen the commercials for similar bands and such on T.V. but never gave it much thought. This guy didn’t explain to me what the band was gonna do for me and how it worked or any of that. He just started in with the balancing demo and I gotta admit, it was impressive. The placebo effect is your mind telling u something is gonna benefit u in a certain way. That wasn’t possible in my case because I had no clue what was about to happen. Anyway, I was stunned. He put it on my left arm and pushed down on my right arm so I jokingly asked him “What, is this some sort of counterweight?” That’s when he took it a step further and asked if I had a cell phone on me, he didn’t touch it but had me place it on the kiosk, then took the band off and we did the test again, I fell over. Then he had me pick up my phone and hold it while we did the test again, I didn’t fall over. He told me the last thing we touch holds our “charge” for a few minutes before it dissipates. Maybe it’s nonsense, maybe not. He didn’t bilk me out of my life savings so I’m not too worried about it. It goes good with my live strong band.

  113. I’m torn.
    My mother-in-law has severe arthritis in her hands – gone since wearing the band.
    My brother-in-law has Bell’s Palsy and hasn’t been able to fully smile for years – he can smile (not completely, but at least an upper curve in the lip) since wearing the band.
    My husband has carpel tunnel in both arms/wrists so badly that 90% of the day/night his hands are asleep – said the feeling returned in his hands the minute he put it on.
    I, on the other hand, have tendinitis in my shoulder and wrist and arthritis in my back, legs, hips & ankles – I don’t feel any different since wearing the band. In fact, I think I’ve been more irritable. The jury is still out for me – I feel I need to give it a real chance as my daughter gave me one this past Mother’s Day. Can it vary from individual to individual? I’m a logical person who requires proof of something before I believe it…although I’m not entirely convinced for myself, if it makes others feel better and happy, who is it hurting? My biggest concern (and the cause for my unbiased search) is to determine whether any negative effects come into play.

  114. well id just bought two of them yesterday one for me and one for my mom well i been wanting one cause they did that balance test on me and i guessed that mabey it would help with playing soccer and my balance but i really dont feel that much of a differnce but just that id slept good while on only sleeping for 6 hours usaully ill be super tired at school but im wide awake today


  116. I can tell you that I was hired by the company and during all the training their is absolutely not tricks or anything to do with how you perform the tests.

    Just because you say something is the case doesn’t make it true.

    I find it very amusing how people love to hate on certain products. And to also clarify some other things. The companies that are being sued are being sued because they were either selling plain silicone bands with no negative ions at all, or because they were making claims that it WILL absolutely fix a certain problem. Also, the reason Power Balance is banned from Australia is because they sent a shipment that was mistakenly not charged with negative ions to Australia.

    Energy Armor tells you what benefits the band can give you but it depends on the person.

    Anybody can say positive things and negative things about any company or product. If you want to know the truth, find out for yourself. Don’t just take someone’s word for it, good or bad.

  117. My co-worker has one of these and did the balance test on me… i don’t know if he knew the tricks of throwing someone off balance or not… but why would he lie, he doesn’t sell them? If he didn’t know the tricks it worked, but I don’t know if he did or not.

    He also claimed that cops will make you take them off if they expect you to be intoxicated. He also said he hasn’t had one hangover since he’s worn it, and when he does drink, his balance isn’t wobbly…

    It’s an interesting concept… I don’t know if I believe it or not, but if you think it makes you feel good, GREAT!

    Adam– On what basis would you sue these guys? Unless you can prove them wrong, theres no grounds for a lawsuit… They are no different then the Trion Z bracelets and necklaces baseball players wear…

  118. I bought it from the mall in Miami. I bought it on purpose. I will sue them.
    Now listen. This is totally fraud.

    Guy pushed my arm without it, balance was not good. And He put it on my arm, pushed again and balance as good. Andddddddddddd
    I told the guy turn your head when you are pushing my arm. I was holding it with my right hand and he was pushing my leftt arm. And I was talking to him to make noise same time because I didn’t want him to hear that I was going to drop it from my left hand while he was pushing. I dropped it. And my balance was still perfect. He didn’t know I dropped it. Because he was pushing my arm with the direction they trained. What they are doing is totally fraud. Let’s get together and sue this guys. Fooling people.

  119. I dont belive it works. I mean after doing the whole balance and toe touching demonstration, it seems like its a scam. And the whole thing about it reducing your aches and body pains, its a scam. My back was hurting before and after wearing the bracelet. How can a rubber band give you better balance and health? Really? If you want better health and balance, work out and eat better.

  120. So let’s imagine it does not actually works. Imagine that it’s only a placebo effect. Nevertheless people feel good, and are not ashamed of admiting it. For $25 you feel better, happy and with more energy.

    How many cigarrete packs you can buy for $25? How many bottles of alcohol?

    I prefer the placebo… if it is really a placebo.
    I feel better with energy armor

  121. Well, I was thinking this is just another silly band thing. Until, I actually bought it and said why not try it because of so many health issues I have. I put it on and notice a difference in about an hour or two. I have terrible pain in my shoulder, hips and knees. When I sleep my shoulder pain keeps me up all night. It was horrible. But, with this band it has helped me. I had a better night sleep. When I woke up I wasn’t stiff or had joint pain like I normally did. I know it’s not in my mind because it was a physical pain I have been having for years. And in one night it improved with having this band on. Years ago I tried this magnetic products for your shoes and helped also but it didn’t last. This may not last either but I was happy for at least when night. I’ll take it! By the way, I also go to the bathroom in the middle of the night at least one time and I slept throughout the night. Not a scam to me!

  122. are you kidding poeple. you mean generations of brilliant master minds of doctrone and science and now there is a miralce bracelet being sold at the mall. no such thing. you are the same people who beleive in get rich quick sceems the only people getting rich is the guy who bought the rubber bracelet anD put his own name on it. by the way look at the trade mark on line the description is rubber bracelet… not a scientic volcano ash of perfection… there is nothing that backs anything on their web site up. there are 25 other similar companies INVOLVED IN A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT….REAL GOOD PRODUCT HUH?

  123. I was at the mall and saw these bands, and as a microwave engineer and scientist, I grilled the poor sellers. I got them to do all the tests on me, and finally figured out that what they are doing is pushing your arm in a different direction when you stand on one leg. With the band on, they push down and away from your body, thereby de-stabilising you. Without the band on, they pushed only downwards and slightly towards your body, which does not de-stabilise you. Simple as that! I got them to do it on me about 8 or 9 times until I was convinced this was the crux of the scam.
    I never believed it from the start, but took to it with an open mind that more investigation had to me done until I found what I wrote above.

  124. I didnt believe it either until I put one around my 19 year old cat (4 months ago) that had lost its hair, and could not jump 5 inches and would never climb our stairs. 4 months later, the cat has most of its hair back and is literally running up the stairs again and can jump in our bed now. If it’s placebo, then I have the smartest cat on earth. These ions are doing something beneficial for the animal…that is for sure.

    My whole family uses them and we see the benefits in our energy levels and certainly getting a better night sleep. I would try it if I were you…for $25 it’s worth the gamble.


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