National SAVE Day


October 20 was National Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) day.

SAVE, a national organization to counter violence in schools, was founded in 1989 to honor Alex Orange.

Orange attempted to break up a fight at a party and died in the process.  After his death, his peers created SAVE to try and ensure that similar events would not be repeated.

Since the birth of SAVE in Charlotte, North Carolina, the club has spread nationally to include over 200,000 members.

The Leesville chapter of SAVE set up a booth in the lobby and passed out stickers to promote the message of non-violence.  If one pledged to be violence-free and recruited three friends, one earned a free candy bar.  

Katy Huis, SAVE president, said, “I thought that stickers would be a great way to get the message across, and the members had a great time making them and students will have fun picking out which ones they want.  It’s fun because you can show your individuality through the variety of stickers but still express SAVE’s anti- violent message.”

Though the pledging went well, Huis wishes more people would participate.

“Currently the club is searching for some anti-violent boys.  If you’re interested in hanging out with a bunch of attractive, non-violent ladies, then SAVE is the place for you!”

Huis invites any student interested in combating violence to attend.

“We’re against fighting, shootings, bullying, the whole shebang,” said Huis.

SAVE will continue to meet throughout the year on selected Tuesdays.


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