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Dear Millbrook High School

Dear MHS,

Congratulations on your shenanigans on the night of October 21, 2010.The nature of your actions reveals a maturity unrivaled by other schools.

17-year-old males will always desire excitement, danger and an occasional adrenaline-pumping Thursday night. Unfortunately, the prank didn’t turn out as harmless as many now perceive. $2,500 worth of damage does not constitute a “school spirit” driven act– it is simply delinquent, juvenile, and criminal behavior.

I could understand a “MHS” or two spray-painted on speed bumps and sidewalks, but defacing our senior wall is completely over the top. I cringe to say that any degree of vandalism is “acceptable”, but you have affected more people than you intended.

I could even understand Leesville students wishing for revenge. However, this revenge transformed into a sense of camaraderie. Now, the Loonies are laughing at the level you stooped to. Jason Holtman, senior and leader of Grill Team remarked, “[They] just embarrassed themselves.”

The only thing you have done is caused everyone to come together and unite in a common purpose: defending Leesville’s honor and crushing your varsity football team on October 22.

Jake Woodrow, junior football player commented, “We were pumped up before. Now we’re just more excited.”

The Loonies show and will continue to demonstrate a high level of Pride.

Stay classy,


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