Wake stops neighborhood-based school zones

The Wake County School Board voted Tuesday, Oct. 6, to stop the current neighborhood-based assignment plan drawn up by School Board member, John Tedesco.

The motion passed with a 5-4 vote causing a new upset amongst the former School Board majority.

Vice Chair Debra Goldman joined board members Kevin Hill, Carolyn Morrison, Anne McLaurin, and Keith Sutton to halt the establishment of neighborhood-based school zones.

Originally, Goldman was in support of the 16-zone-based plan, which would have abolished Wake County’s diversity policy.

At the meeting, however, Goldman changed her mind stating that she is still in favor of community schools but wants the school board to consider other options like parental choice and school capacity before making quick decisions about student assignment.

The decision making turned ugly as the evening progressed and Tedesco even called Goldman a “Prom Queen,” stating that she was always “looking for camera attention.”

While in disagreement with Goldman’s position, proponents of the diversity policy  are pleased with the school board’s change of pace in regard to decision making.

“Even though she [Goldman] doesn’t stand for the same things we do, at least this hasty decision-making will be slowed down for a while,” said Seth Keel, sophomore at Middle Creek High School and member of N.C.H.E.A.T. (North Carolina Heroes Emerging Amongst Teens).

“Maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll stay in disagreement until the next School Board election,” he said.


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