Two sides to everything

There are many unanswered questions in the known world. But for the students of Leesville, the greatest mystery of all is what the opposite sex really wants in a mate.

In a series of candid interviews, I have acquired an inside look at the qualities that students have deemed necessary to date both the male and female students of Leesville.

For many of the females attending Leesville, the most sought-after boyfriend is someone who loosely resembles Superman: smart, funny, strong and incredibly handsome. Of course, the chances of that actually happening are very small. Still, the list of attributes a Leesville male must possess is a long one.

“I like a guy who is a little bit of everything,” one female student said. “Not perfect… but pretty close.”

But do the guys at Leesville have these many requirements for their potential girlfriends?

“Guys like the girls who stand out in a crowd, [the girls who] dress to impress and are practically perfect,” a female student said.

While being well-dressed and looking pretty is important to a large portion of the female student population, is it necessary?  “[Girls] dress up to get attention from guys because they have to,” one female student explained.

Contrary to popular belief, girls looking like they just stepped out of Seventeen  magazine is not cruciall  to win over a male student’s affection.

“Looks aren’t all that matter,” said a male student. “She’s got to be somebody you can rely on and turn to. A person who cares about you and only wants the best for you. It’s important that they’re not just Barbies.”

From where, then, did girls deduce this obscene obsession with looking perfect all the time?

“When you see another girl dressed up, it makes you feel bad about yourself,” a female LRHS student said.  “You want to look better than her.”

Perfection, from far away, seems necessary for a relationship. The desire to be Barbie and Ken has caused us to spend so much time worrying over what the opposite sex thinks about our outside.  Being perfect may be great; but in reality, it is the personality behind  the face that counts.


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