We are all royal here

Thursday, September 30, 2010, spray-painted crowns were sold to seniors who itched to show off their superiority as Leesville’s top dogs. The crowns cost $1 and all proceeds went to the food drive.

Senior crowns have been a tradition at Leesville High since Homecoming of 1995. They are generally given out a week prior to Homecoming pep rally and are worn that day by only seniors.

Hannah Taylor and Brittany Laraia, like many other groups of friends, are creating their crowns together. “It shows our seniority and is something no one else can do. We’re going to look like queens,” said Laraia and Taylor. They explained that their crowns will have the classic “blinged-out” look with their names and items to remind them of past inside jokes.

Bryan Ball, who is making his with friends Brandon Pittman, Brett Bischler and Kyle Holtman, described the crown on a deeper level. “You make it to express yourself and show your journey through high school.” He described his masterpiece as having silly things for his “goofy” disposition, footballs and baseballs for sports, and skulls to signify an inside joke between him and Pittman, Bischler and Holtman.

Taylor and Laraia plan to flaunt their royal items at the pep rally and when the fun is over, put the crowns in the back window of their cars as “car decor.” In contrast, Ball says he will put the crown on display in his room to remind him of everything he did in high school.

All of the LRHS seniors are eager to show off their crowns at the upcoming pep rally, some with a more classic look and others who have put their heart and soul into it. Regardless of style, Leesville students and staff will be expecting to admire the royal items from our up-and-coming 2011 graduates.


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