Rockbridge strengthens Leesville students’ faith


On Friday, October 15, 55 Leesville students boarded a bus and traveled to Camp Rockbridge, a Younglife camp located in Shenadoah Valley, Virginia.

At Rockbridge, the students had the opportunity to ride zip lines, climb rock walls, sing songs and learn about their faith.

Younglife is infamous for its “clubs,” which are two-hour long sessions that provide music, skits, games and a speaker who relays a Christian message. Students at camp attended four of these clubs– one on Friday night, two on Saturday, and another on Sunday morning.

After each club, the Younglife campers went back to their cabins for “cabin time” with their Younglife leader. Cabin time allowed campers to process the message heard at club in a more personal setting through conversation with each other and their leader.

“Rockbridge was such a great experience. Clubs and cabin time really helped build bonds and the time away from Raleigh and school was superb, and much needed,” said Abby Leitner, junior, via Facebook.

When the students were not attending clubs, they had free time to roam the camp and experience all of its amenities, such as its ropes course, tree swing, hot tub, basketball courts and many other attractions.

Some of the camp’s other features included its great food and talented musical guest, Jonah Werner, who performed at every club and offered a free concert on Saturday night after club. Jonah Werner’s music touched the students in a new way, for he brought in “funky” beats and even a harmonica to play his christian music.

As fall camp concluded, students were sad to leave the community they developed throughout the weekend long trip. This summer, Younglife will be traveling to a yet-to-be named Younglife camp for a week, allowing students to further develop their bonds with their friends, their leaders and Jesus.


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