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Rain jackets: scourge of the earth

Rain jackets are everything wrong with society in this modern age. Consider for a moment that citizens need a specially fibered jacket to outlast the elements.

I remember back in the golden days of civilization where on a rainy day, people would deal with it. They would become stronger for it, and if they contracted pneumonia, it was all right, because that made them stronger, too.

But in an age where rain jackets are prevalent in society, I have one recommendation for Americans: toughen up.

Even a group that used to stand as a beacon of light for toughness is weakening as of late. The NFL continues to pass rules that protect quarterbacks from hits.

Yes, even the NFL, defenders of the old-school “Hit-em-up” mindset of old, is crumbling. For a moment, try and imagine the likes of Johnny Unitas wearing a raincoat – implausible.

This is simply preposterous. If even the NFL is losing their touch on toughness, how are the rest of us supposed to cling to it?

To put it simply, we cannot. We are trapped in a vicious cycle where we vow to protect our children instead of letting them discover dangers of life on their own.

For example, even though climbing a tree could be considered dangerous, it’s a risk one has to let children take. If a child falls out and breaks a bone, they’ll use it as a learning experience.

Next time the sky opens up and rain pours down, walk outside without a coat. Feel the water rush against your skin, and embrace the little day-to-day dangers of life that make us stronger.

That’s what I’m burning on.


  1. Will, this is funny. You are becoming one of my favorite writers on the Mycenaean. Sincerely, Kelly’s Mom


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