a procrastination “win”


Ask any student around Leesville who has access to a computer, and they can list tons of websites that they visit instead of doing their homework.  A typical teenager spends an average of thirty-one hours per week on the computer, with only three of these hours devoted to “homework related” surfing.

While the distinguished few may doodle or watch TV to procrastinate, the majority of high schoolers practice the “working on it” method of doing homework.

“Working on it” is the equivalent of having an AP English paper minimized at the bottom of the screen while a plethora of other randomness fills the screen.  This method of work is the main reason students with only two hours of homework are working frantically at 1:15 a.m., falling asleep at the screen while Sparknotes-ing A Tale of Two Cities for their test the next day.

This procrastination continues at school, with students in computer classes secretly popping balloons with monkeys in the ever-so-popular “Bloons” and searching for a way to watch the most recent episode of “Glee” around the school’s firewall.

Sometimes, it seems as though a website sweeps through the school, dominating classrooms and distracting most of the newspaper staff from cranking out their weekly article.  Currently, this website is

DBPB, a website created by two guys in their twenties with nothing better to do,  features submissions following the format of “Dear ______, please ______.”  Some are comical, some are rude, and few just make you say “huh?!,” but together, the effect is addicting.

A few of my personal favorites include “Dear Stephanie Meyer, I’m sorry your fans are so obnoxious.  Try using less glitter.  Sincerely, J.K. Rowling,” and “Dear Voldemort, So they screwed up your nose too? Sincerely, Michael Jackson.”

With categories ranging from “HOW DARE THEY” to “Hilarious” to few more that can’t be listed here, is sure to entertain those who should be focused on something else for hours.

This column will introduce a new website every month, with the goal of getting the rest of the world addicted, just like I am.  Happy procrastinating!


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