Pride stomps Southern Lee


The Pride Varsity football team pulled out with an enormous victory over the Southern Lee Cavaliers on Friday, September 17. The final scored stood at 48 to 6, Pride.

“We knew it was going to be pretty ugly [for them] going in…” said Braxton Berrios.

Ryan Mangum earned the Pride their first touchdown with 9:42  left in the first quarter.  Chris Lehman finished with a good kick, putting the Pride seven to zip.

Nearly two minutes later, Berrios received the ball from quarterback Josh Stanley, and then dropped back in a trick play. Berrios returned the ball to Stanley who rushed 44 yards for a touchdown.

However, there was a flag on the play and as the referees talked amongst themselves, the entire stadium waited with baited breath. A collective sigh of relief was heard, moments later throughout the Loonies, when the refs announced the penalty was against the Cavaliers, and that the touchdown was good for the Pride.

With a little over five minutes left, DJ Hunt, RB, danced up the middle for the Pride’s third touchdown, bringing the overall score to 20 to zero.

The next two touchdowns were brought in by Brandon Pittman. His first was with 2:28 on the clock in the first quarter, after receiving a pass from Stanley up the middle. Pittman ran 86 yards, gaining six more points over the Cavs.

Watching Pittman play football, Peter Lugo, #54 on JV, said, “Being hit by Pittman is like being hit by a train.”

Pittman did it again 12 seconds later, after intercepting the ball from the Cavaliers. The first quarter ended with the score at 34 to zero.

The second quarter began with a touchdown by Berrios, who ran 68 yards weaving through masses of Cavs. There was another flag on the play and this time, the touchdown was no good. As the players cleared the fields to regroup, two Cavaliers remained. Sport medicine students and coaches from Southern Lee rushed over to examine their players’ injuries.

Luckily, both players walked off the field minutes later, seemingly alright.

The incident was reminiscent of last week’s game at East Wake. Where after a 60 yard run, Berrios hit the punter at the four yard line.

The Pride recovered, bringing in another touchdown with 6:15 left in the half. Many thought that when the refs called a personal foul again, the touchdown would be no good.

They announced that the flag was thrown after the play and cheers erupted from the Loonies section.

With eleven seconds left in the first half, Kamir Bowen, RB, brought in yet another six points, putting the score at 48 to 0.

During half-time, tempers flared throughout the Southern Lee stands. One parent entered the press box and began to verbally attack the announcer, using descriptive profanity. The parent, whose identity is not known, was upset over the announcer’s earlier comment, “It’s a third down and a Tiger Woods’ drive to go.”

There was a brief scuffle after a comment about the announcer’s wife was made. The parent punched the announcer and then sprinted down the bleachers. The coach on the sidelines was told to stop the parent, but a fence prevented him. The parent was eventually detained and the conflict was ended.

The remarks made by the Southern Lee parent were forgotten when the second half began. The Cavilers scored their first touchdown with seven minutes and 3 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Ashton Gaines, QB, passed to Michael Reives, earning the Cavs six points.  The score was 48 to six, Leesville

The Pride’s second, third and fourth string managed to hold off the Cavilers for the rest of the game, keeping the lead for the Pride. The victory leaves the Pride 4-1in the Cap8.

The players are ready to win every game, said Stanley. “We’ve [won] the past few years… [The season] will be good.”


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