Nantz joins Leesville team


Ms. Myriam Nantz has joined Leesville Road High School as a foreign language teacher. She will be teaching Spanish I and II for the 2010-11 school year.

A native of Ecuador, Ms. Nantz is fluent in Spanish. She believes that her accent will allow students to become flexible in their way of speaking the [Spanish] language.

Matt McNeil, a Spanish I student, agrees. He said, “[her accent] gives [students] a different perspective.”

Whereas, Spenser Rose, another Spanish I student, disagrees. “[Her accent] doesn’t affect [the students] at all,” he explained.
“She is our only native speaker… so she is an awesome resource to us all,” Mr. Ross , another Spanish teacher, said via email.

During the interview, Ms. Nantz had a smile permanently fixed on her face. On the weekends, she can be found at the symphony because she loves music or she is outside, going on walks and just being active with her family.

Ms. Nantz is also fluent in French, and she said that she hopes to begin teaching it next year, too.

Her goals for the school year are to educate students on the culture of Latin-American countries, along with the Spanish language. She wants her students to learn Spanish as if it is their first language and pretend that the classroom is a foreign country.

Ms. Nantz is very eager to begin her stay with the Pride and is excited for this new chapter in her teaching career. “She has jumped in with both feet,” Mr. Ross said via email.  “We are really lucky to have her.”


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