Changes to LRHS Powder Puff

Every fall, the junior and senior ladies of Leesville look forward to playing each other in Powder Puff football. The game is traditionally played during late September.

However, this year the administration has decided to give Powder Puff a makeover. Starting this year, the games will take place the same week as homecoming, freshmen and sophomores will be welcome to play football and nicknames will not be allowed on the backs of T-shirts.

The Powder Puff committee has decided to make these changes for many reasons. “Having Powderpuff the same week as homecoming is one way to make Homecoming week more exciting,” said Scott Lyons, principal. “We want to channel all the energy that students put into Powder Puff and combine it with Homecoming week.”

Perhaps the most drastic change made this year is the inclusion of underclassmen. “Including the  underclassmen will help to get the whole school involved in the game rather than just the older students,” said Mr. Lyons. “The freshmen will play the sophomores in a JV-type game. The juniors and seniors will play each other in a later game, like varsity football.”

The last change in tradition is the ban of nicknames on the back of T-shirts. Despite many students’ theories, this decision was not based upon the inappropriateness of some nicknames used in past years. Printing- and ordering-related issues are the main reason for the change of the T-shirts. Last names and first initials are all that will be allowed on the t-shirts.

The games will take place the week of October 4 and will be the perfect way to start Homecoming week.


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