Car corner with Jon Wendt: Brett Bischler


The Leesville Road parking lot is filled with a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from tiny, two-door hatchbacks to huge, heavy duty trucks.

Each month, I will be spotlighting one car out of the student parking lot. I will choose the cars based on their individuality and uniqueness, not their price tag or flashiness. Leesville’s originality is evidenced in many aspects of student life. In this case it carries over into the parking lot.

Brett Bischler claims that his 2001 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner is the most “environmentally friendly truck “ in the senior parking lot.

“I challenge you to find a more fuel efficient truck at Leesville,” he stated.

Bischler is very proud of his two-wheel drive, crew cab, light-duty truck. The truck boasts a four-cylinder engine that cranks out 142 horsepower.

“It’s a hoss,” said Bischler.

Bischler affectionately refers to the Toyota as “Samurai” because of the company’s Japanese roots. “I call it ‘Samurai’ because sometimes I feel like my truck is an ancient Japanese warrior.” he added.

Bischler inherited the truck from his grandfather two years ago.

“It’s a family heirloom. Now I take it fishing, skydiving and everywhere else I go.”

The truck is in impeccable condition thanks to the continual attention it receives from Bischler.

“I take it to Autobell at least once a week for a wash, wax and Armor-all. I also change the oil every 3000 miles.”

Bischler enjoys upgrading the truck regularly. “So far, it has a bedliner, bug visor on the hood, window visors and running boards, so I can step up into the car.”

He looks to install sub-woofers and a stereo soon, citing his appreciation for musician and hip-hop extraordinaire J. Cole.

Bischler’s distinctive truck contributes to the overall individualism of the Leesville Road High parking lot. The truck is a representation of his environmentally friendly attitude and a small example of the vast originality that Leesville has to offer.

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  1. Wow … the way Brett waxes (no pun intended) poetic about his truck is inspiring, Very nice article, Jon Wendt … I’m certain you and Brett have had many philosophical conversations over the years. I know Brett’s Grandfather is very proud of him and of “Samurai.”
    Keep up the great writing,
    Carrie Bischof (Brett’s Aunt)

  2. I’m very proud of the way Brett is taking care of my husband’s truck–it’s actually about 5 years old now, but it looks new! This article will be a hard act to follow for the next-featured vehicle!! Way to go, Brett!! Love, Oma Layman (his grandmother!)


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