Menagerie Staff Stays Busy


With this year’s Menagerie completed, one would think that Leesville’s yearbook staff would be relaxed. Instead, I witnessed them typing away on computers in the library, researching possible ideas for next year’s yearbook.

“We like to get a head start the year before,” said Melissa Fluke, junior. “It helps to keep things organized the following year when you have a common theme to work under,” she said.

To choose a final theme, the yearbook staff creates a number of ideas, and draws a majority vote amongst all members.

“After we’ve chosen a theme, we start to think of possible layouts and present them to the class,” said Fluke.

Not only do yearbook staff members have an organized yearbook, but their positions of leadership are also delegated in an orderly way.

Editors are assigned to sections of the yearbook based upon their strengths and where they have connections in the Leesville community. Andrew Bowers, junior, predicts that he will “most likely be doing sports” due to his “interest in all things athletic.”

Juniors Jane Lee, Grant Do and Fluke will all hold the position as Editor-in-Chief for next year’s Menagerie and are very excited to work together.

“I think we are all really hard workers and will bring such versatility and creativity to next year’s yearbook,” said Lee of her colleagues.

In addition to finding a theme for next year’s yearbook, staff-members focus on selling ads and understanding their newly implemented software.

“That was definitely a struggle for us this year,” said Do. “It wasn’t like the other years where you just learned how to use the software from previous staff. This year, it was all from scratch and nobody knew how to work the new program,” he said.

Another obstacle the yearbook staff encountered was amount of people sharing a room. In previous years yearbook was split into two classes, but this year, staff members packed themselves tightly into one room.

While yearbook had to work hard to make up for being unsure of new software, they reaped the benefits of their hard work.

“I am so excited about this year’s yearbook,” said Do.

Although Do refused to give away any specific details about the current Menagerie, he hinted at one of his favorite features.

“Expect to see some really cool graphics. There are some pretty nice visual effects,” said Do.

Although yearbook is focusing on next year, many of the graduating members will miss the class.

Katharine McAnarney, senior, will miss traditions like “singing happy birthday on chairs” and being able to “roam around school interviewing people and taking pictures.”

“I will miss what yearbook has to offer,” said McAnarney. “In many ways yearbook isn’t just a class but more of an experience, and I will miss it very much.”


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