Woodhouse Receives Full-Ride Scholarship to Duke

Photo courtesy of Nathan Miller
Photo courtesy of Nathan Miller

Will Woodhouse, senior class President, won the Benjamin N. Duke scholarship.  The scholarship, awarded annually to 13 students from the Carolinas, provides full funding for four years at Duke University.

In addition to paying for Duke’s notoriously high tuition, the scholarship funds one 8-week service trip within North Carolina and one summer service trip to anywhere in the world.  It is valued at over $200,000.

The scholarship sealed his decision to attend Duke.  “I have always wanted to attend Duke, but I didn’t really think I would have a chance, a miracle like this,” he said.

The scholarship process started with Woodhouse’s application to Duke.  University officials contacted Woodhouse and prompted him to write an essay for the scholarship.

“I spent four days at Duke and was interviewed the weekend before spring break,” Woodhouse said.  He found out that he received the award on April 5.

While Woodhouse showed gratefulness for the prestigious scholarship, he is most excited about becoming a Duke student.  “I can’t wait to camp out for basketball tickets,” he said.  “The academics, music and social scene will all be amazing, too.”

Woodhouse credited his involvement in student government.  He advises that students “become involved with student government.  It is a great way to make a difference, and it helps you become a leader.”

While he will make sure to fulfill the prerequisites for medical school, Will plans to earn a degree in political science.


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