Key Club paints a paw print path


Upon arriving to school on Monday morning, many students looked down to notice a trail of blue and green lion paw-prints leading from the main office in the old building to the attendance office in the new building.

Leesville Road High School’s Key Club, lead by advisor Kelley Nusbaum and President Cameron Wood, painted the prints on Saturday, April 10, from noon until around 4:00 p.m. 

Suggested by Mrs. Fussel in the front office, the main idea of the path was to point parents or those unfamiliar with the school in the direction of the attendance office.

“A million times a day I try to tell people how to get there [the attendance office],” said Mrs. Fussel.

“So many parents come in here [looking for the attendance office], and we have to lead them there,” said Mrs. Fluke, also from the front office.  “Now, when they ask how to get to the attendance office, we can tell them to ‘just follow the paw prints!’”

Brittany Saleeby, a sophomore, recently had to be picked up for a doctor’s appointment by her mom.  “My mom found them really helpful,” said Saleeby.  “She though they were a great idea for parents, and said they were a really cute idea that is decorative and functional.”

“I am very appreciative that Mr. Lyons and the administration approved it so quickly,” said Mrs. Fussel.  “I also appreciate Ms. Nusbaum, Cameron Wood, and the rest of the Key Clubbers who took the time to paint them on a Saturday.”


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