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Students from Leesville Road High School participated in the 2010 Wake Tech Community College Regional State Math Contest on Thursday, March 25.

The competition consisted of a 70 minute individual test followed by lunch.  Afterwards, the students competed in math sprints in groups with members of other schools.

Duane Barkesdale, a freshman, thought the competition was a good experience.  “Our sponsor was being really stupid and put us all in the wrong division.  I had to be in the Comprehensive level, which was really hard.  I’ll definitely study more for next year, but this still gives me a chance to put something good for college applications and stuff.”

Samuel Min, a freshman, also participated in the contest.  Min and his math sprint group won first place, and he ended up winning $10.

“I just went to skip school really,” said Min.  “But I got lucky and was put in a group with Nick Tobey in the sprints.  He did everything.  I just had to run around and turn in the answers, and I won $10.”

In the individual competition, Min thought that he could have done better.  “I’ve only taken algebra, but my sponsor wanted to save a dollar, so he just put me in the Comprehensive level.  I answered only one question and guessed on the rest.  Leesville probably got last place in the competition.”

Do Won Cha, a freshman, was also disappointed with the results.  “A couple people from Leesville Middle School won medals, but I didn’t get anything or any money.  But then again, I’m only a freshman, so hopefully I can do better next year.  Our team is going to actually start training together so that we might win something for the school next year.”

Leesville finished tenth in a field of nineteen schools.

By Woong-Soo Lee, Staff Writer

I think math competitions are amazing.

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