Latin Students Take National Latin Exam


On March 11, Leesville Latin students along with 135,000 students from around the world took the National Latin Exam.

Mr. and Mrs. Mash, or ‘Magister and Magistra’ as they are known by their students, held several afterschool study sessions for those students who wanted to be better prepared for the test.

“The test does not cater well to the block schedule,” said Mrs. Mash. “Students who take the test are only halfway through the course for which they are testing.”

Despite the timing of the NLE, Leesville students excelled. This year’s results yielded 24 out of 49 test-takers receiving national awards. Six of those 24 received the Summa Cum Laude award.

Kyle McKinley, junior and Latin II student, received the highest achievement of Summa Cum Laude, or the ‘gold medal’, and was one of two Leesville two students to receive this honor.

“I went to one of the study sessions and they had huge review packets. I went over those, and the night before stayed up until at least two a.m. reading the textbook glossary”, said McKinley of his preparations for the test.

“I am happy with the results from this year, but I am happiest with how many of our students participated,” said Mrs. Mash of this year’s NLE. “They put precious free time into preparing for the test and were willing to take a risk by participating in the experience. I am very proud of everyone who took the National Latin Exam.”

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