Hoban publishes book


Ms. Hoban recently published a book titled National Dance Education Standards.  The book was published and distributed by Human Kinetics.

The book is a collection of lesson plans and assessments compiled by a group of dance teachers.  It is user friendly and set up in a way so that teachers who are unsure of how to teach a certain step in dance, they can read out loud word-for-word.

Hoban was inspired to publish a book after she was presented with the 2004 National Dance Educator’s Award.  After that, she was contacted by the National Dance Association to be a part of the writing the book.

The association flew each member of the group to Chicago where they worked on the book under the careful watch of an editor.  Each lesson plan had to be written word-for-word and lined up with the standard course of study.

The group did not receive any payment for the book they helped write, but “just contributing something to the world of dance…that is important to me,” said Hoban.

The process of writing and publishing the book took a total of five years to accomplish.

Once the book was in bookstores, copies “flew off the shelves,” said Hoban.  Physical education teachers are supposed to teach students a little bit about dance in schools that do not have a dance instructor; however, because most of these teachers do not know how to teach dance, it is not taught.  Since the book was written in such a simple and clear format, now all teachers can teach dance.

Hoban has shown her book to her students and was even able to include a picture of two of her dancers, April Grossi and Rachel Cianfinchi, demonstrating one of the topics in the book.


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