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Dunham shaves head for cancer research

It is a universally-known fact that even the thought of a monumentally different styled haircut is enough to make a girl worry. However, on April 14, Elise Dunham, freshman, took her haircut to an all-new level, shaving it off entirely.

Dunham performed this selfless act for the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation dedicated to curing childhood cancer.

The foundation works by recruiting area residents to shave their head in an attempt to raise money from locals. Dunham has single-handedly raised $660 and her total is still rising.

“I decided to shave my head because I was inspired by my mom’s friend who did it before me,” said Dunham.

This specific event took place at The Brickyard at NC State, though numerous other locations such as The Hibernian participate in the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation.

Cancer is the leading killer of kids in the United States, and Dunham’s acts, combined with those of thousands of other shavees, will help reduce its potency.

Dunham participates for the Sigma Nu Knights, and currently has raised the second largest amount of money, behind team captain Dre Antono.

The next time one passes Dunham in the hall, be sure to thank her for her heroic deeds.

To donate to Dunham’s cause, click here.


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