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A Mycenaean flashback

As I paged through the 1994 and 1995 editions of the Mycenaean, I was shocked to find the Leesville has barely changed in 15 or 16 years….other than the bad hair and the mom-jeans.

Back in the day, students were plagued with the same grievances we are today: the SAT’s, redistricting warnings, and all the other stress that goes along with attending any high school.

-Crowed hallways was one of the top annoyances; the school had hardly been open for two years and one staff writer was already protesting about the 1300 students that would be attending LHS the following year, now our school has a whopping 2500.

-Students were informed of ways to get better use out of the courtyard. The articles gave ideas such as the world’s first teacher-student wrestling pit, freak of the week viewing area, installed strobe light and renamed the Leesville Love Shack and, to throw Waldo into there and to have the National Honors Society find him.

-In every issue an editorial called “He said / She said” featured male and female opinions of typical dramas that many high school students must deal with. The article talked of issues like who should pick up the bill on the first date, whether to stress or slack during senior year and the final piece was a recollection of their four years at LHS.

-The sports pages were covered in multiple losses since the school was just starting out in their second season of school sports. The only team that was doing better than decent was Boys Varsity Soccer team, then coached by Mr. Dinkenor. Other than the soccer team it didn’t look like the Leesville sports program we know today.  The Varsity Football team had not one a game since the school opened and the Girls Tennis Team still starting to learn the game.

-Reviews on artists such as Boyz II Men, The Ramones, Brandy, Babyface and Black Sabbath were the acts to be heard back in the day.  Mosh pits, screaming fans and anthems like “Hey-ho-let’s go” were what covered the pages of the Mycenaean, which is quite similar to today except we listen to the likes of Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift and Greenday.

Whether it be 1994 or twenty years into the future, the various headlines will most likely stay unchanged, as will Leesville.


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