A cheap girl’s guide to prom prep


Prom evokes many emotions: excitement, nervousness, joy, etc. Your wallet does not feel the same way.

Preparation for The Big Night takes time, effort, patience and, above all, money. Females especially have difficulty in managing a budget after factoring in the costs for a dress, shoes, jewelry, limo, hair and more. Some have found a way to keep costs down and these are their secrets.

Rule number one of saving money at prom time: shop around. Buying or reserving the first dress, limo or restaurant that catches the eye is probably the biggest mistake a person can make. The first thing you see is most likely not the most appealing or cheapest thing you will come across. Research and compare. A dress from a second-hand store can be just as beautiful and just as expensive-looking as a dress from Saks with a designer label and a designer price.

Don’t want to spend any money on a dress or accessories? Borrow. You’re bound to know a friend or a friend’s sister who has similar taste and is willing to lend her stuff for one night. Bargaining and exchanging is also an effective technique in getting the look you want for cheap. Ask a friend for her shoes in exchange for your necklace that matches her dress perfectly. It never hurts to ask.

Always remember the people you know and the connections you have when scouring for deals and freebies on various services. If a family member or friend has a talent for styling hair or applying makeup, ask them to help you get ready for the night. Perhaps instead of renting a limousine or Party Bus, ask a friend with an impressive car to drive for the night.

Some salons have online discounts or student specials. Researching different salons on the internet before making an appointment is essential to finding the best deal on hair, makeup and nail services. For example, Leesville’s Honor Card has a few discounts from nearby salons available to students. Speak to the receptionist of a salon and inquire about costs, discounts and a consultation if necessary. Many hair salons offer them free of charge.

To put it simply, the key to avoiding bankruptcy at prom season is to not be lazy. You will kick yourself later when you hear of a friend who could have given you something you needed or a place that offer the same service for half the price you paid. Investigating and research is crucial, fellow cheapskates.


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