3D movie prices continue to increase


Movie prices have been steadily rising for years now, but with the recent rise in 3D movies, they have been spiked even more.

Since theatre chains have realized that people are willing to pay more to get the “3D experience” they have greedily taken advantage of their customers, making them pay nearly double.

A non-3D matinee movie at the Raleigh Grande costs $6 while a 3D matinee now costs $9.75.  As if these prices were not high enough, they are expected to rise even more.

Prices at the IMAX theatre have always been high but $11.95 per person is not a price most people are willing to pay, and certainly not on a weekly basis.

Movie makers continue to make the 3D films because, even though the prices are high, people continue to flock to them.  Those who love 3D movies claim that the quality is better than 2D and they are willing to pay the high ticket price.

Some people who can no longer afford to go to movies due to the recent economy situation have turned to Netflix and Red Box, a more affordable way to rent movies.

If ticket prices continue to climb, more movie goers may be forced to rent movies or simply refrain from seeing them at all.  But even though prices are rising, movie goers should not blame the theatre itself.  Most of the time, the movie chain will determine prices.

“Movie theatres usually don’t control the price for their benefit.  They get pennies on the dollar for every ticket they sell, but most of the money goes to the producers,” said Katie Crusenberry, a senior who works at Regal Cinemas in Briar Creek.


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