India Evans: teen entrepreneur


While the vast majority of Generation Y spends its time anesthetized under an unyielding blanket of high-technology, a smaller portion of precocious teenagers are already establishing their own tiny businesses. The prevalence of these teenage entrepreneurs has increased in recent years, lowering the standard age at which it is possible for one to be his or her own boss.

India Evans is a junior who falls gracefully into this category of teenagers. When she is not in school or with her friends or doing homework, Evans spends the hours that remain in the day making jewelry to sell on Etsy, a website which allows independent designers to sell their items online.

Evans began making jewelry in fourth grade. “I got into it because of my mom,” she explained. “I made mostly macramé before ever moving on to real jewelry.”

Soon after outgrowing macramé, Evans moved onto more complex pieces like bracelets and necklaces. “My mom made costumes and had supplies, so it all just started from there,” Evans said.

Evans characterizes most of her jewelry as Salvage Jewelry. “It’s when you take vintage pieces like chandelier crystals from flea markets and thrift stores and put them back together with newer things like beads from the bead store,” said Evans. “It’s very young and urban.”

Whenever she is in need of inspiration, Evans will turn to a collection of scrapbooks she keeps filled with cut-outs from magazines. “When I look through magazines, I’ll tear out pictures and keep them in binders,” said Evans. “It helps with the creative process.”

In November 2009, Evans participated in the Handmade Market for the first time, in which independent designers and artists showcase their creations for the public. “I rented a table with my mom and sold to people as they walked by,” she said.

Evans sees herself making and selling jewelry in the future. It is her favorite hobby.

India Evans’s jewelry is available online through Etsy and through her new blog.


  1. Wow! I loved that opening, entrepreneurial skills are really important, but i never knew about etsy, thanks for the idea!


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