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Del Burns set to retire

When North Carolina’s new school board ran on the platform of change, the voters had no idea just how much they were in store for.

After over 30 years of service in Wake County, Superintendent Del Burns announced his plans to throw in the towel effective June 30, 2010.

Burns stated that “Based on personal and obligatory considerations, it is clear to me that I cannot in a good conscience continue to serve as superintendent.”

Burns’ decision concerning the changes in busing and year-round-schooling came largely as a shock to the county that he had so loyally served.

This retirement was not the first of the Burns regime, assistant superintendent Chuck Delaney announced his own retirement last year, and will almost certainly not be the last.

Wake County is speculating that the new school board is putting an immense amount of pressure upon all of Burns’ staff members, making it all but impossible for them to remain in their current positions.

In retaliation to Burns’ planned registration, the School Board placed him on administrative leave, which was effective immediately.

Political feelings aside, it is clear that the retirement of Del Burns marks a turning point in a new era of change – one whose results have yet to be seen.

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