Capital Pride Participates in Emerging Issues Forum


On Feb. 9 Leesville’s Capital Pride traveled downtown to the Raleigh Convention Center, where they participated in North Carolina State University’s 25th Annual Institute for Emerging Issues Forum.

Every year, the forum addresses state legislatures about a theme that impacts the future, and ends with a luncheon.

This year, the forum was focused around “enhancing creative thinking and embracing new ideas.”

Governor James B. Hunt began the luncheon with a glowing introduction of Leesville’s top choral ensemble. “These young people represent the school they come from. All Leesville students are good looking and smart,” he said.

Before Capital Pride sang, Diane Covington, Choral Director, described the benefits of supporting the arts to legislatures seated in the audience. “The most beautiful thing is to watch these students create music. We start with a piece of paper with little dots on it, and we end up with a new creation every time they open their mouths.”

Capital Pride was selected to perform three musical selections that showed the ensemble’s vocal versatility and creativity.

The first piece performed was a lively up-tempo piece entitled “Fire, Fire My Heart” by Thomas Morely which was sung in five parts.

Their second piece, “Oh Danny Boy” by Frederick Weatherly, was a familiar ballad that grabbed the audience’s attention, as their silverware began to quiet down.

By the end of the piece, all of the silverware stopped, as all eyes were upon the sea of purple dresses that arched the ballroom.

Capital Pride concluded with a contemporary piece, “As I Went Down in the River to Pray” by Allan Hall, that ended with a standing ovation from the audience.

“We’ve had many performances during the forum, but you were the most outstanding group and by far the most beautiful high school choir I have ever heard in my life,” said Molly Rushing, Forum Arts Coordinator.

“One member of the audience even asked me which college you all came from,” she said.

Capital Pride members were pleased with their performance. “It was great! It was so beautiful, and I felt like there was this whole mood in there, like a glow that spread throughout the room after we sang our last song,” said Georgia Lee, junior.

“I’m so proud of Capital Pride and how they represent Leesville, the arts, and themselves,” said Coving ton. “I think they gave the audience a good glimpse of what we can do in this program.”


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