Bachelor Finale Review


On this year’s Bachelor finale, bachelor/pilot Jake Pavelka made an unexpected choice by choosing this season’s villain, and my personal favorite, Vienna, as his bride.

All season long, Vienna was the girl that everybody loved to hate. Her brutal honesty and over-competitive attitude drew many mean words from the other girls, and plenty of girls were quick to warn Jake that Vienna was a terrible match for him.

Tabloids blasted Vienna and featured quotes claiming that she stole money from her ex-husband in order to pay for her multiple plastic surgeries

Vienna continued to move through the competition, emerging as one of Jake’s obvious favorites which left fans shocked and confused.

While Bachelor viewers began to hate Vienna, love began to form for Tenley Molzahn, Vienna’s sweet-as-sugar opponent. Tenley, the epitome of sweet, seems as if she was pulled straight out of a Disney movie with her sing song voice and love for dance.

Although most Bachelor viewers were Team-Tenley, I found myself developing a liking for Vienna, and I was thrilled when Vienna received the final rose.

This is only because Jake genuinely appears to be in love with Vienna. Every second between Jake and Vienna is full of passion, excitement and affection, like fireworks, while every moment between Jake and Tenley seemed forced and awkward.

After the finale aired, Bachelor viewers watched “After the Final Rose,” an hour-long show where Jake faced the girls that he had given the boot, along with runner-up Tenley.  The show also provided his first chance to come out in public with fiancé, Vienna, for the first time since the finale was filmed.

The way that Jake and Vienna looked at each other caused my heart to melt, and when they danced to the show’s ironic theme song “On the Wing’s of Love,” their love was so apparent it was heart breaking.

Perhaps Tenley was the “nicer” or “better” option, but Jake followed his heart by picking Vienna, and that’s something that I can appreciate.


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