Winterfest Assembly


The Wizard of Oz themed Winterfest assembly was held on Feb. 12 in the Leesville Gymnasium during second period.

Throughout the Wizard of Oz themed skit, the assembly featured seven talent acts, the presentation of the Winterfest court, the crowning of the Winterfest king and queen and a dance ensemble performance.

The assembly’s emcees were Jared Dix, Lexi Schmidt, Ming Wang, Michael Wojo, Lauren Smallwood, and Jessie Halpern, all seniors. The emcees spent weeks writing and preparing the “Emerald City” themed skit that was used to introduce the talent acts.

“Emceeing was a lot of hard work,” said Schmidt, who played the wicked witch, “We spent lots of weekends and lots of hours after school writing the script. It was tiring but definitely worth it. I think the students really enjoyed it and I know that we all enjoyed performing!”

Talent acts took up most of the assembly. “The Winterfest assembly is really great because it showcases the talents of all the different people at Leesville,” said Mr. Scott Lyons, Leesville’s Principal.

The talent acts included two bands, a step team, a musical duet, an Acapella group, dueling drummers and a performance by the “Fresh Kidz,” a krumping group (exaggerated street dance.)

The band, “Josh Mabellos Experience” was one unique act. The band’s four members were decked out in attires varying from chicken suits to mouse costumes. “Performing in front of everyone was great!” said Josh Mabellos, senior and the group’s lead singer. “I’m glad everyone got the chance to see what a great singer I really am.”

The Leesville Step Dancers also put on an exciting act, complete with stomps, claps and cheers. “It was a lot of hard work preparing for the assembly,” said Dewanna Davis, senior. “It was extremely time consuming but definitely worth it. I’ve been stepping since middle school, but this was my first chance to perform it here.”

Jared Robertson, sophomore, and Nick Sparks, junior, performed one of the biggest crowd pleasers– a battle between drummers. Robertson and Sparks went back and forth performing rapid drum sequences, complete with hair flipping and drumstick twirling.

“Playing drums in front of everyone was so much fun,” said Sparks.“I’ve always been a performer, so when I got up there it all came naturally. I didn’t think it was going to be as big of a success as it was.”

The last, and perhaps the most anticipated group was the “Fresh Kidz.” “The assembly was breathtaking, hyped, loud, energized and crazy,” said KC Clarke, krumpateer. “I was eager and anxious to get out on the stage, but once we got out there we were poppin’ and jiggin’ and it was just fun to do our thang.”

“We stole the show, and we killed it!” said Doug Theret, senior “Fresh Kid.” “The rehearsals were so boring, but after the assembly I knew they were all worth it.”

After the talent portion of the assembly, Will Woodhouse and Hope Hering were crowned Winterfest King and Queen. Hering was also crowned Homecoming Queen earlier this year.

“It’s such an honor to be crowned Winterfest King!”said Woodhouse. “Even though I think an elected monarch doesn’t really makes sense, it’s still exciting!”

The Winterfest assembly was the perfect way to showcase Leesville talent and raise school spirit before the Winterfest dance, which will be held Sat. Feb 20.


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