Valentine’s Day Forgettable


Name an actor, any actor, and he or she is probably in the new rom-com Valentine’s Day. A-list stars such as Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba and Biel star in the new movie, as well as rising starlets, like Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts. This impressive cast list, however, compensates for the sadly unimpressive plotline.

The story, which connects each character in a He’s Just Not That Into You-slash-Love Actually fashion, is disappointingly predictable and not as funny as its previews led on. The movie was promising, as the theater was filled to the brim with chatty girls and their emasculated dates, but the excitement slowly decreased as the movie progressed.

I do not mean to say the movie was bad; it was merely forgettable. With a list of characters boasting Oscar-winners and stars of the like, my friends and I hoped for a better, more lasting impression.

A common thought of the audience members was that the screenwriters became too wrapped up in the number of celebrities signing up for the movie. There were too many unnecessary, undeveloped characters; it appeared they were only there because they wanted to be, and served little or no purpose to the overall story development (cough, cough, Queen Latifah and the Taylors.)

My friend and I played a wonderful game of Guess How Each Character is Connected, and we were about 10 for 12 by the end of the night. Phrases like “He’s gay!” and “She’s his mom!” were uttered throughout the movie, concluded by fist pumps and high-fives.

A final recommendation: save your hard-earned cash and wait for the DVD. Play the guessing game while you watch it and swell with pride when you get every assumption right. Then laugh at the acting capabilities of Taylor Swift.


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