New Schedule Change Policy


When Leesville student’s received their new schedule of classes on Tuesday, Jan. 26, some students descended into a spiral of depression. Take Ellen Roberson, freshman, for an example.  She is stuck in an all boys weight training class when she has already fulfilled her gym requirement needed for graduation.

Roberson had signed up for personal fitness, a girl’s version of weight training. However, when that class was filled, she was put into weight training, leaving her the only girl.

“It’s just awkward!” said Roberson. “The administration should think about the kid stuck in a class they hate and not about the numbers of kids in every single class.”

The guidelines for schedule changes include the following: seniors who need a class to graduate, students who are in a class they have already passed, student who have been assigned a class with a teacher they have failed before and students who failed a course first semester and need the course to be promoted to the next grade at the end of the year. 

According to Dr. Higgins, assistant principal, the reason that the school does not allow all schedule changes is that the administration decides what courses teachers will teach based on student demand as indicated on their registration sheet.  The administration creates enough sections so that each student may take the courses that he or she wishes to take when they register for classes during the preceding year.

“Hardships in a student’s life do occur, and these exceptions are permitted where the school can grant them.  On the flip side, students might realize that they can take more rigorous courses, but once again courses are changed where the school can grant them,” said Higgins, via e-mail.

Chandler Brown, junior, was one of the few exceptions to the schedule change policy.  “I think the strict changing policy is good in some cases.  I don’t think students should be able to change a class just because they want to. But, if a student has an understandable reason than I definitely think the change should be looked into.”


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