Completing the graduation project


The completion of the Graduation Project was deemed optional at the end of the ‘08-‘09 school year.  However, approximately 30 students still chose to continue it with the assurance that they would receive a cord at graduation for its completion.

Recently, rumors have been going around that the cord has been replaced by a pin.

Wearing a pin at graduation is not an option.  Only cords are allowed to be worn on the graduates’ gowns.

But are the rumors true?

No.  Students who complete the project will receive a green and gold cord to wear on their gown at graduation.

The graduation project has also gotten harder as a result of it being optional.

Instead of working with students to insure that all of their questions are answered, the deadlines suddenly pop up with little warning.  Advisors are being changed without notice and the final paper is now expected to be due during exams.

Since the project is optional, those participating should be praised for rising to the challenge, not given so many things to complete that they get kicked off the list of participants.

If the paper and portfolio are not turned by the due date, then the student will not be allowed to continue.  This seems unfair, considering that they have already done the all of the work. 

Many students have been kept busy by their teachers and have not been able to work on the project.  This can be frustrating because the students want to complete the project and get the recognition, but simply have too much homework to succeed.

Pride Period used to be a time to meet with advisors; now, it is a time that could be used to meet, if the advisor is not already busy or the student is allowed to leave class.  It is not mandatory; therefore students forget that they have questions until the due date pops up.

Since the project has gotten harder, about ten students have decided not to continue.


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