Senior Powder Puff Coaches


Every year for the powder puff game a few male students take time out of their busy schedules to try and coach their class to victory. The boys lead the practices, teaching the girls everything they can in a matter of four hour-and-a-half practices. Even though only a small amount of time is given, the girls are able to learn a lot about the game.

The coaches take on the task of teaching the girls because they love football, enjoy coaching, and want to have the title of winning Powder Puff coach. The first practice is tough since it is the first time most of the girls have ever played organized football, but as a coach, it is a warm feeling seeing the girls begin to evolve into running, throwing and blocking machines. Coaches teach the girls their respective positions, and they work hard to perfect them as best they can.

After the game concluded, coaches gave their speeches to their respective teams. The seniors, who were proud of their girls’ hard work, congratulated their players for the win, and the junior coaches, also proud of the hard fought battle of their girls’ encouraged them by noting that there is always next year.

They always know the girls gave their all and played their hearts out. To a coach, that is all you can really ask for.


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