Obama Lays Out Initiative


On Tuesday, Dec. 8, President Barack Obama laid out a new initiative that will improve the country’s unemployment rate.

From the beginning of his term, Obama has made it clear with his stimulus plan to his new speech that he is serious to getting Americans back to work.

Obama plans to create jobs through public works, including infrastructure projects, tax cuts for small businesses and also includes rebates to people with energy efficient homes.  However, people that will become employees will not be employed through the government, rather by smaller corporations funded by the government.

During his new initiative to the country, President Obama said, “We avoided a depression many feared, but our work if far from done.”  Although this new plan does not have of a price tag, Obama plans to make this initiative cheaper than the previous stimulus.  The difference will hopefully put dejected Republicans at ease.

Some Leesville students agree with the Republican’s doubts. “This new initiative is a feel good kind of thing; it is just a way for him to up his approval rating,” said Alex Paschall, senior. “It’s just another way to pump up his stimulus plan with his glittering generalities.”

Rich Frost, senior disagrees with Paschall’s expressive views. “The problem with Obama’s plan is just that Congress isn’t giving him the support he needs.”

Congress has already approved the money to be spent on Obama’s proposal; it is just a matter of time before he spends it.

Obama’s new plan will employ the population and make our country more energy efficient but with an unknown cost for Americans.


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