Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors


These days it is extremely difficult to come across a band that has a distinct sound.  Artists like Daughtry and Nickelback blast continually on MTV and there seems to be no room for a band that does not sound like bland Southern noise.  Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors have broken out of this mold with their spiritual lyrics and rough melodies.

The group is made up of husband and wife pair Drew and Ellie Holcomb. The duo is backed by the ‘neighbors’ guitarist Nathan Dugger, bassist Rich Brinsfeild and drummer Jon Radford.

Their Nashville soul makes their music exceedingly powerful and yet simplistic; you see this is all of their songs. “Fire and Dynamite,” a song about his wife, Drew Holcomb describes her in a way that most lyricists cannot; he goes into the little details about their relationship.  “Some people run in circles / some people run forever I don’t know / where you’re running to but / everywhere you go makes me want you.”

The sound they create is acoustic folk rock due to Drew Holcomb’s story like lyrics, about the courtship of his wife Ellie. She is the newest edition to the group and has brought a raspy girlyness to their music, keeping the band far from the average John Mayer knock off.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors constantly tour the country singing at Young Life camps and other Christian organizations; they have also opened up for acts like Ryan Adams and Sister Hazel. The Neighbors are even better live than on their CDs which is unusual in today’s lip syncing music world.  They have released multiple albums including Washed in Blue, A Neighborly Christmas, Passenger Seat and Live in Memphis.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors are the American songwriters that will restore the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty when they hit the mainstream.



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