Break-In at Leesville


Sometime in the early morning hours of Sunday, Nov 29, several  individuals broke into the modular units at Leesville Road High School.

“I woke up Monday to Ms. Floor calling me at 6 in the morning because a janitor had called her complaining about broken glass in the modular unit,” said Officer Faust, the second person on the scene.

“She had also called 911, but I immediately called them back and the case was re-assigned to me.”

Faust arrived around 6:45 and held down the scene until the crime scene investigators arrived. The scene showed obvious signs of breaking and entering, with the window from the front door smashed, video cameras broken, and several things displaced.

The crime scene investigators came and searched for fingerprints around 7:30, so classes that usually take place in the modular units were moved inside the main building.

“We’re pretty sure it was either students or former students,” commented Faust, “but with this kind of thing, it is hard to know exactly who it was.”

Luckily, nothing was taken. 

“It seems that they were trying to steal a fire extinguisher and a fridge but they got scared and dropped them,” said Faust.

After the crime scene investigators were done getting the prints, Faust called the janitors who quickly came and cleaned up the glass and moved the fire extinguisher and fridge back.  Classes resumed inside their regular classrooms by second period.


  1. It was really early in the morning, so the prints had not been ruined yet. And I’m pretty sure most students are not touching the video cameras, glass by the broken door etc.

  2. Getting prints? That seems quite difficult seeing at it’s a CLASSROOM and people are in and out of them constantly.I feel that was just some ruse to scare the “criminals” into confessing, good luck with that.

  3. There are security camera’s and they show the suspects arrive and tamper with the camera’s but they couldn’t be indentified.


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