Program Welcomes New Students to LRHS


The New Student Program is designed for the new students to become more accustomed with the school. During first and second periods of the first few weeks of school, student liaisons help show new students around the school. Liaisons walk through the new student’s schedule, as well as show them the bus parking lot, the cafeteria and of course, the Loonie section. 

Megan Smalling, senior liaison, said, “I think this program really helped the new students. Many of them came from smaller schools, so Leesville was a big change. The buildings look so much bigger when there are hundreds of students in the hallways.”

 Although some students may be intimidated by such a big school, Leesville students are always there to help. “Even though I am a senior and want to go off campus for lunch, I don’t mind staying on a few days if it makes the students feel more comfortable,” said Smalling. This is the overall attitude of all the liaisons.

Another way that Leesville is trying to immerse new students into the student body is through theme months. Every month during school there will be a new theme that will encourage new students to learn more about how Leesville works. For example, this month’s theme was free football tickets. Since athletics and, more specifically, football are so popular at Leesville, the school feels that new students should get the chance to go to the games. And what could be better than going to the game for free?

Cameron Steagall, senior and Student Body President, said, “I could not believe how many new students we have. Leesville gets new ones each day. At the beginning of the school year, every time I went into student services there were at least five to ten students waiting to be given a tour.”

Ms. Lyons, counselor, stated that approximately 20 students join the school each month.

With five to ten new students joining the Leesville community each day it is hard to feel alone. “There are new students in every grade level every year. Leesville welcomes everyone with open arms,” said Steagall.

Smalling sympathized with many of the new students. “I didn’t come to Leesville from Leesville Middle School, so I felt like I wasn’t going to know anything about the school. If I had been given the chance, I wish I could have gone on a tour of the school.”

Since Leesville has entered its sixth week of school, many of the new students have made friends, found spots to sit in the cafeteria, and cheered for the Pride at football games.

“The school definitely needs to continue the new student program next year. It was a big success, and I could feel that it really helped new students feel not so new; rather an intricate part of the Leesville family,” said Steagall.


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